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Very nice and not too strenuous bicycle tour on the beautiful Croatian island of Krk. The pass between Krk and Baska Krk has a nearly 8% slope. At the pass between Krk and Baska you have one of the best vantage points on the island of Krk. As the vegetation in the southern part of Krk is very sparse, you have to throw this pitch only a few scattered trees that cast a shadow on the street. In the summer you need, especially in the midday and afternoon hours to be very heat resistant and take at least two or three water bottles on the bike tour.

From Baska, the passport is lighter and has started only on the last 2-3 kilometers a gradient to 10%. Mountain bikers can continue for the pass from 2 kilometers.  The description of this can be found here. During the summer months the traffic due to the many tourists on this route is unfortunately quite high. Especially on weekends, when the holiday occurs, one should choose an exchange of other nice bike trips on Krk. Particularly interesting and worth seeing on this bike tour is the Old City and the Port of Krk, the marina in Punat and the beautiful beach in Baska.


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