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Stara Baska is a small idyllic town in the south of the island of Krk in Croatia. With a small campground, marina and a few coves with pebble beaches. Who wants to be away from mass tourism, this is right. The road to Punat begins with a max. 12% slope on the pass. The highest point is achieved at about 180 meters. The landscape is as you can see in the pictures very nice very bare and very unlike the other cities of Krk. Only occasionally one finds a small flowering shrub. That one has a good view at the pass. During the summer months, many of this slope to use as a parking lot. After this pass is made, the wheel tour continues with the departure to Punat. Here you can either drive through Punat, or as I take the ring road with about 50 meters up. The traffic volume between Punat and Stara Baska is also in the summer months small.

From Punat to the junction to the pass towards Baska, the bike tour is just along the coast. On a long slope of 8% then you drive up the pass towards Baska. Although only 18 kilometers long has this bike tour, almost 600 altimeter. Mountain bikers can even attach a short mountain bike tour. Then it goes back again, or you drive even down to Baska. During the summer months the traffic through the numerous tourists from Punat and Baska is often very high and therefore the continuation of the bike tour would be better on another Krk cycling tour.



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