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Also in this Krk bike tour, I tried the traffic on the main roads to avoid as much as possible. The bike tour starts just outside the town of Krk in a convenient, free parking. As in the height profile shown is very much uphill and downhill. So the ideal bike lap for a persistent interval training. The first station of this bike is Glavotok. Apart from a small bay with a lighthouse and a campground where there is not much. But it's worth it anyway, because that is the view over the ocean is especially beautiful. Furthermore, there are Glavotok some lonely spot for sunbathing. The climb to Milohnic return is something challenging. Unfortunately, I could not see the road for Porat, so I was biked on the State highway 104 after Malinska.

Over hilly terrain, the bike went on to Soline. In Soline there is even one of the few sandy beaches on Krk. The section of this cycling tour of Soline to Dobrinj is the most demanding of the whole krk bike tour. The slope begins at the coast at Soline and ends at almost 300 meters in Dobrinj. Due back the lovely old town and the good prospect of Dobrinj Soline after a break in Dobrinj is highly recommended. On the last kilometer it back to krk it goes almost always slightly downhill. As with other cycling tours on Krk one is from annoying winds through shrubs and small trees on either side of the street mostly very well protected.



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