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In planning this bicycle tour I have taken to ensure as far as possible avoid the busy streets of Krk. Only the first 2 kilometers and 3 kilometers from Vrh and Lakmartin are driving on the main road. But where the roads on the island of Krk is often better than the paved main street, the street itself on the beautiful Croatian island are very winding and each side is almost always thick bush with about 3-4 meters far. Therefore, one can in the center of the island of Krk on a biking tour also drive on windy days without pesky headwind.

The starting point of this bike tour is located near Kornić at a large, free parking. A few feet away waiting for you after the bike tour a beautiful beach with a restaurant. At the beginning, we have 2 kilometers goes high on the main road towards in the increase to Baska. Here one has to overcome already 170 Hm. After 7 kilometers you will reach with Vrbnik the first major city tour on this cycling tour in krk. A very idyllic town far away from mass tourism, with many old houses and narrow streets in the old town of Vrbnik. You should absolutely take the time to look around in the old town a bit. From Vrbnic you bike first on the same street back out of town and turn right towards Risika and Dobrinj. Shortly after we reached nearly Dobrinj 300Hm the highest point of this tour. By Vrbnic to Dobrinj there are 15 kilometers and 250 meters of altitude. Dobrinj is the second city when it is worthwhile to insert a pause. Though you can drive by Dobrinj on the ring road, but then you missed the beautiful view at the church after Soline and the beautiful little town square. 

After the downhill you reach sea level again in Malinska. Malinska is a major port city with a few supermarkets. By Malinska after Kornić there are several small hills but which should be easy to provide for trained cyclists. On the road 104 is a lot of traffic if a ferry has arrived. Also in this section of Krk bike ride around the island shows itself from the original Art.


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