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 The 22 km long tour on the very sunny island of Mali Losinj is although the allways tarmacked road, not well suited for racing bikes due the brittle asphalt. We start the bike tour a few meters above the harbor in the city Mali Losinj at a parking lot. After 800m, we turn at the traffic lights to the right and follow the soon single track road out of the town on a hill. At Km 2.8, we reach a wonderful vantage point where you can watch the sunset in the evening very well. Between Km 4.5 and 7 we ride on the crest of the hill Calvary following further to the southeast, where we reach the highest point at a high of 229m at km 5.9. After the descent to sea level, we return around in the book Mrtvaska and drive the same route back to Mali Losinj. Before the end of the tour we visit the city harbor for a coffee and ice in the evening sun.



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