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 The MTB Tour in Baska on the Croatian island of Krk is actually a hiking trail. So please get much on the walkers into consideration. The hiking and mountain biking trail is consistently only 1 to 1.5 m wide and shady. Not for beginners of mountain biking, as the road largely consists of loose, coarse gravel. The average slope of this mountain bike tour is 10%. At the beginning you can either bike on the ring road or drive straight through Baska, so that the single lane, paved road is going up to the cemetery church of Baska. Directly in front of the cemetery church you turn left onto the footpath. The navigable portion of the trail leads through the forest to the top stop to the forest.

After cycling is no longer possible because the path on the hill above Baska only a half meter wide and there are many large rocks left and right side of the road. If you want to go to the mountain Hlam (461m) you should stand your bike and continue on foot. The risk is simply too high.

If you just behind the stone wall at the end of this MTB Tour to the left about 200m to go down a little, you have a splendid view of Baska. After mountain biking we have in Baska many opportunities for relaxation. All along the beachfront, there are numerous cafes and restaurants to relax after the bike tour. Or you can lie down on the romantic beach of Baska easily in the sun and can then end the day after the cycling.


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