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The starting point for this amazing bike tour along the coast of Gran Canaria, Playa del Ingles on the southern tip of the island of eternal spring. In the beginning, you still going past the many large hotels in Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas. After the golf course in Maspalomas you drive on the GC-500 in the direction of Puerto de Mogan. The manner in Gran Canaria, as the roads are built, is very interesting for us, Central Europeans. Because it has never temperatures around freezing, you need no stone chip protection on the steep slopes beside the road. The short tunnel in front of Puerto de Mogan does not require concrete lining. Although this has left a feeling adventurous, but if it is not even - why not.

As in the height profile of this interesting Gran Canaria bike tour can be seen, there are on the streets of Playa del Ingles to Puerto de Mogan no flat sections. In principle, this bicycle tour of Gran Canaria, Playa del Ingles in the port city of Puerto de Mogan is one long interval training on the bicycle. The bicycle tour is also a lot longer than you can imagine from the map, because the road goes through all the small bays on the southwest coast of Gran Canaria. The coasts are starting to turn in the direction of Playa del Ingles Puerto de Mogan, at more often from the flat sandy beach in steep cliffs. This is also the reason why at this Gran Canaria only ever bike uphill and downhill.

The first city of the coasts - Bike tour in Gran Canaria can be reached after about 18 kilometers in Arguineguin. Arguineguin on Gran Canaria is a city with about 12,000 inhabitants in the municipality of Mogan. The place name Arguineguin means something like "Still Water". In Arguineguin, there is a large cement factory. The inhabitants live by fishing and tourism. There is a beach and a marina, but the tourism in Arguineguin is not as pronounced as in so many other cities in Gran Canaria, such as in Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas.

At kilometer 24, we travel through Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is another pure tourist town in the southwest of Gran Canaria in the community of Mogan. Since the 70s will be built in the resort of many interesting hotel buildings. Some of the hotels are also built into the rocks inside. Puerto Rico has the bay a particularly sheltered location. Especially beautiful are the beaches in Puerto Rico and Amadores.

After 37 kilometers you reach the destination in Puerto de Mogan - the little Venice of Gran Canaria. Puerto de Mogan is the flagship of Mogan, the second largest community of Gran Canaria. The picturesque port town is also very strong, although touristy, but it is architecturally in a big contrast to the concrete structures such as Playa del Ingles. The small houses have been lovingly restored and almost all have a beautiful roof garden with many flowers. Along the romantic marina, there are numerous cafes and restaurants. A good opportunity to relax a little, because then you have even 37 kilometers with about 500 meters back to Playa del Ingles. Puerto de Mogan has just as many other coastal resorts on Gran Canaria is also a small lovely sandy beach. The more time you can be for this tour, the more valuable impressions of Gran Canaria, you can take it home.



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