liezen selzthal family bike tour



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GPS data download from - Tour Nr. 20948


 The cycling tour for the whole family begins in Liezen - Ennstal - Styria - Austria. After a few hundred meters you turn left after the train crossing to the Enns valley bike path R7. In the beginning, could meet another car from the small town garden, but is expected to be on the main through-road in Neulassing in Selzthal with any more traffic. After a few hundred meters you drive through the railway underpass.

The bike path just before and after the Ennsbridge is not paved, so the bike path between Liezen and Selzthal is for road bikes not recommended. Along the highway the bike path is paved again. Shortly before Selzthal the tour takes on a length of about 500m through a forest, and this road is not paved. Then the families - cycling tour through the villages of Neulassing and Selzthal goes to the highway underpass and on the north side of the highway A9 back to Liezen. The proximity to the highway is not so nice. Positive are the 4 park benches in the most beautiful places of the bike tour.

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