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Very easy and family suitable cycle tour on the beautiful Ennstal bike path R7 away from Liezen to Wörschach. Ennstal - District Liezen - Styria - Austria. The length of the route is 10 kilometers and has no climbs. From the city Liezen you drive on the Enns valley bike path to the Ennsbridge in Döllach. After that begin a dirt road to Wörschach.

This dirt road is also used by the farmers with their tractors. Here and there are a few potholes.
Only in the district of Wörschach and on one kilometer between Weissenbach and Döllach you must expect with a little traffic on this beautiful bike ride through the Enns valley.

Once in Wörschach you can hike as alternative to cycling on foot to the castle Wolkenstein. The castle is reached by a climb in about 15 minutes. Apart from down here, although from very adventurous, but do not worry that a private club matches for the conservation of ruins, that everything can be viewed safely.

Video Nr.1: Ennstal Cycle Path Liezen Video Nr.2: Ennstal Cycle Path Döllach

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