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MTB Touren Österreich auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

 5 Mountains Round     64,4 Km / 2.423 m

The 5 Mountain Round is a beautiful, signposted MTB day tour and an ambitious uphill –downhill for bikers in good physical shape. In total you’ll have to be overcome 2,423 vertical meters on 64.4 km. All those who prefer to split this tour over 2 days, should best spend the night after the first day at the mountain inn - Michaelerberghaus. 49 km asphalt, 14.6 km gravel and 0.8 km meadow trail.


 Admont Kaiserau       67 Km / 1.321 m

With 67 kilometers a very long mountain bike ride. Of which are the first and last about 20 kilometers rather flat. This beautiful mtb tour features paved bike paths, wide gravel roads and passable forest roads. It contained no single trails or difficult forest roads. And so this mountain bike tour around Admont is also for not-so proficient mountain bikers well suited.


 Aich       28,7 km / 865 m

The MTB Tour Aich has 26 km of asphalt, 1,9 km gravel an a 800m long dirt road. It is therefore not a mountain bike tour with special highlights and technical requirements. The advantage of this tour is the max. height of only 1.250m. Therefore, this MTB tour in Aich is in spring and autumn, one of the first and last tours were passable in the Ennstal. Aich is a very nice destination and on the tour there are also wonderful vantage points in the direction of Schladming / Ramsau and the Enns valley.


 Altaussee Bad Goisern      54 Km / 1.719 m

The MTB Tour Altaussee - Bad Goisern is a challenging - moderate Mountain bike tour in the scenic, unique, beautiful, Austrian Salzkammergut - Ausseerland. But not only when you love beautiful views, you will enjoy this mountain bike tour. The long single trail before and after the "Ewigen Wand" - eternal wall, and the passage in the eternal wall in Bad Goisern are challenging and very interesting. A very great mountain bike experience.


 Ardningalm       13,7 Km / 643 m 

The managed hut Ardningalm you'll reach on the mountain bike tour in the Upper Styrian Ardning after 4.5 km. By the end of the Iglsfeld there are still 2.5 kilometers and 250 altimeters. Very beautiful on this tour are not only the pastures and mountains but also the species richness of flowers and plants. 


 Bad Ischl      25,5 Km / 821 m

The mountain bike tour from Bad Ischl to Hoisenradalm is a moderate MTB Tour without any technical difficulties. All gravel roads are ridden with only one exception of 400m easy for everyone to. On the Hoisenradalm you can eat very well and enjoying the wonderful view to Bad Ischl in Upper Austria's Salzkammergut region.



Since only a few mountain biker can master this long tour in a day, there is also the description of the 2- or 3- days tour. Some of the best tracks in the national park Gesäuse and nature park Eisenwurzen were combined into this great MTB round. The varied landscape of the MTB Tour Buchstein consists of the imposing mountains, crystal clear rivers and streams, and long distances through the beautiful forests. The inns Hensle in St. Gallen, Stiegenwirt in Palfau and Kölblwirt in Johnsbach have some special offers for overnight with other additional services such as Current tour card, rental GPS unit, luggage transport and lockable bike garage.



Donnersbach and Donnersbachwald lie in a south-facing side of the Ennstal - Liezen - Styria. All 9 MTB tours have their starting point in the center of Donnersbachwald. The marked MTB Tours are set up consistently with no problems for everyone. Demanding MTB Tours are available in Donnersbachwald to Mörsbachalm, Stallaalm, Riesneralm and Lärchkaralm. The MTB Tour Riedleralm is quite simple. To Planneralm there are 3 different versions of an MTB Tour of the Schaablehen between Donnersbachwald and Planneralm.


Lärchkaralm   16,4 Km / 378 m


Riesneralm   3,4 Km / 150 m


Stallaalm   20,5 Km / 595 m


Schaablehen Tour   18,4 / 426 m


Riedleralm   14,5 Km / 320 m


Planneralm Schaablehen   32 Km / 948 m


Mörsbachalm   13,4 Km / 563 m



Donnersbach Planneralm   39,4 Km / 1.046 m


 Forstau - Eibenberg    14,2 Km / 484 m

The mountain bike tour Eibenberg begins in the center of Forstau at 914m and is as MTB Tour Eibenbergrunde very well signposted. The moderate tour is 14.2 km long and has no strenuous climbs. On this round, you've to manage 484 altimeters. As one drives through the Eibenberg almost exclusively through the forest, there are only a few vantage points, but more shady rest areas.


 Forstau - Fageralm    21,7 Km / 862 m

The starting point for those with "Fageralm Route 09" well-marked, moderately difficult mountain bike tour on the Fageralm is in Forstau. The community Forstau is on the border to Styria in the Salzburg district of St. Johann im Pongau. Forstau has about 560 inhabitants and is situated in a valley between Radstadt and Schladming on 923m. Of the 10.9 kilometers, the first 4.2 km are paved and the rest of the mtb tour leads on a beautiful gravel road up to the pasture Trinkeralm 1.755m.

 Forstau - Oberhüttensee    29,4 Km / 945 m

The mountain bike tour to the Oberhüttensee starts in Forstau and is up to Vögeialm identical with the very light MTB tour Vögeialm. From the pasture Vögeialm leads a 4 km long and often up to 20% steep gravel road to the Oberhüttensee. But the beautiful mountain lake Oberhüttensee with its crystal clear water at 1.865m and the rest on the beautiful cottage Oberhütte is worth every effort.


 Forstau - Vögeialm    21,7 Km / 524 m

Of Forstau leads the easy MTB tour over 10.7 km to the beautiful scenery situated hut Vögeialm in Forstau Winkl. There are only a few very short sections with a slope between 5-10%. Since the first 4 km are paved and the rest is to go on a good gravel road, it is not technically demanding, and they can also be described as family-friendly. Since cars can also go to Vögeialm, please watch out for traffic.


 Garstnertal     30 Km / 928 m        

The MTB Tour in Upper Austria between Spital am Pyhrn and Rosenau am Hengstpaß offers some good view points to Garstnertal, Dead mountains and national park. There are no steep and technically challenging forest roads. The very nice mountain bike tour is for all suitable. The Garstnertaler round can connect for very fit mountain bikers also easily with the MTB Tour Windischgarsten Langfirst. 


 Giglachsee - Ursprungalm      46,5 Km / 1.385 m

The mountain bike tour Giglachsee in the region around Schladming is one of the most beautiful, challenging and varied routes in the Austrian Alps are available for mountain bikers. There are paved roads, a bike path, gravel paths, a broad stony track, single trail, two pushing and carrying sections, steep slopes, the wonderfully beautiful mountain landscape of "Naturepark Sölktäler", with the upper and lower Giglachsee 2 beautiful mountain lakes, cultivated pastures and mountain huts and magnificent views of the Dachstein, the highest mountain and glacier in Styria. The Giglachsee mountain bike tour is signs very good as "No.17 Giglachsee - Round".


 Grabneralm      30 Km / 922 m

The MTB Tour to Grabneralm range from typical, beautiful forest with an average gradient of 10% and the 1 km long, technically and physically challenging section with an average of 16%. Mountain bikers who do not trust, do not push their bike, which can use this part of the mountain bike ride comfortably avoided on an alternative route. The goal by the Grabneralmhaus one has a great view of the mountains in the National Park Gesäuse, Admonter basin, the Ennstal Alps and in the snack many regional delicacies.


 Graz East     90 Km / 1.753 m

The MTB Tour Graz East is an all-day mountain bike tour in Graz and in the eastern area of Graz. Who does not want to take the whole tour, or did not find so much time have many easy ways to shorten the MTB Tour Graz Eastern. Who does not know the area and without Navi should take a map. This tour is a wonderful way to meet the eastern surroundings of Graz extensively. The tour consists of about three quarters of paved roads. Where the main streets but represent a very small part and are used only as a link between the often single-lane local roads. 


 Grimming Bicycle & MTB Tour              48 Km / 447 m

The bike tour around the mountain Grimming in the styrian valley - Ennstal and in the south of the region Salzkammergut - Ausseerland is 48 kilometers long and has 447 altimeters. Between Trautenfels and Klachau / Tauplitz is with the "Old Klachau" a short but challenging climb. Along the Salzastausee you need to move your road bike because of the many stones on the street. Mountainbiker should also drive carefull

 Grundlsee      47 Km / 902 m

Beautiful Mountain bike tour of Bad Mitterndorf to Salzaalm and after Grundlsee in the Salzkammergut - Ausseerland - Styria - Austria. The Grundlsee MTB Tour is not very heavy and excessive hard training before the tour is not necessary. Back to Bad Mitterndorf the Mountain bike tour leads along the Grundlsee and on the Radlingpaß.


 Hallstatt      71 Km / 2.045 m

The MTB Tour of Hallstatt is certainly one of the most scenic mountain bike tours in the Alps. With a length of 71 kilometers and 2045 vertical meters, the mountain bike tour in the central Salzkammergut - Bad Goisern / Hallstatt / Gosau - Austria be classified as a serious mtb-tour for hobby biker. Due the scenic beauty of the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut region and the large supply of official mountain bike trails, the area around Hallstatt, Bad Goisern and Gosau is very popular for mountain bikers.


 Haus im Ennstal      41 Km / 1.323 m

The MTB Tour in Haus im Ennstal is an official and as "07Stornalm Round" perfectly marked mountain bike tour in the magnificent Dachstein Tauern Region. The medium heavy MTB-Tour has a total of 1423 altimeters and 41 kilometers. 10km are paved, 30 km gravel and 0.5 kilometers meadow. Who wants to have it a little easier, or does not have much time, omit the slope towards Stornalm, thus saves about 700 meters and 16 kilometers.


 Hauser Kaibling        27,7 Km / 898 m         

The Hauser Kaibling MTB Tour in Haus im Ennstal is a very scenic featured, medium MTB Tour. Along the tour there for those who do not have such a hurry some beautiful pastures and restaurants with the best chance to take a break. Scenically beautiful are the three pastures in the Gumpental. Only the 500 m long and 25% steep dirt road in front of the large storage pond is a bit technically challenging.


 Hinterstoder - Höss      31 Km / 1.080 m

The mountain bike tour in Hinterstoder is a moderate and very eventful MTB Tour. The very striking mountains form a beautiful backdrop for this MTB Tour of Upper Austria. Only the descent along the cliff from Edtbauernalm down to the Rottal is technically demanding. The MTB Tour Hinterstoder is a well-marked, official mountain bike tour.


 Hochscheibenalm      25 Km / 751 m

Official mountain bike tour in the National Park Gesäuse - Liezen - Styria - Austria. The bike tour is due to the long slopes of up to 15% a challenging MTB Tour with a beautiful environment. Many good viewpoints invite you to linger. Very good forest road.



Both MTB - Tours in Hohentauern / Styria are scenically beautiful and recommended. If you want to go both routes in one day, you should first go to MTB Tour Weberberg and then the MTB-Tour Hölleralm. After the first 5 kilometers on the MTB Tour Hölleralm you reach the Scheibelalm and Edelrautehütte. You can even insert at the Edelrautehütte an extensive rest. On the last 10 kilometers with the also very well managed Hölleralm are no significant slope. Therefore, you can terminate the MTB Tour in Hohentauern even after a great snack on the Edelrautehütte, or Hölleralm.

Edelrautehütte   15 Km / 576 m Weberberg   11,1 Km / 511 m

 Johnsbach     28 Km / 767 m          

The scenery very interesting MTB Tour Johnsbach - National park Gesäuse provides only eight km forest road, but the traffic in the Johnsbach valley is so low that it does not disturb. And the landscape in the narrow valley with three mountain pastures in the upper section of this MTB Tour are absolutely worth seeing. Overall, the moderate classified Johnsbach biketour is highly recommended for any mountain biker.


  Kleinsölk     35,7 Km / 547 m

The MTB Tour Kleinsölk is an easy tour. The first 13.5 km you drive on a paved road and only the final 4.5 km on up to the managed hut Breitlahnhütte is a gravel road. Because on the road to Kleinsölk the traffic is always very low the landscape wonderful tour is still recommended for mountain bikers.

 Kresl Round        29,7 Km / 988 m

Especially the longer version with the huts - Loseggalm and Mahdalm is highly recommended, because of the two nice huts and the beautiful landscape at the base of the mountains - Gosaukamm and Bischofsmütze. This Bike tour is suitable for all bikers, because there are no technically challenging trails, no steep climbs, but only asphalt and gravel roads.


 Mödlingerhütte      8 Km / 801 m

The MTB Tour Mödlingerhütte is one of the hardest mountain bike tours. Above the Mödlingerhütte you are rewarded with a beautiful view. Despite the strenuous ascent to recommend for all mountain bikers.



The well-known ski resort offers in summer numerous hiking tours and 4 mountain bike tours. The individual MTB tours you can easily connect with each other and thus you’ll achieve a MTB Marathon with a total length of 43 kilometers. On the mountain bike tours in Obertauern, there are a few huts and restaurants. Benefiting from the high altitude of Obertauern is the “Three Lakes Tour” one of the mountain bike tours in Austria with the best vantage points

Obertauern total 43 km / 1.879 Hm

Südwiener Hut 11,2 km / 530 Hm

Three Lakes Tour 8,7 km / 359 Hm

Obertauern - Gnadenalm 18 km / 547 Hm

Tauernkaralm 8,8 km / 383 Hm



 Ödensee Course         21,5 Km / 830 m

On gravel roads you’ll bike on this moderate mountain bike tour high above the lake – Ödensee mostly through the forest. After the lovely Ödensee, there is a beautiful Refreshment at the hut - Kohlröserlhütte. This mountain bike trail follows the markings of Dachsteinrunde Black and Dachsteinrunde Red.


 Radstadt - Fageralm        28,6 Km / 997 m

The starting point for those with "Fageralm Route 09" well-marked, moderately difficult mountain bike tour on the Fageralm is Radstadt. Radstadt is a town with about 5000 inhabitants in the Austrian province of Salzburg. It is also called the "old town in the mountains" and is well known as a very good winter resort. The first 6 km are paved and then a 6.7 km long and beautiful gravel road leads past the also managed hut Lechneralm to the Trinkeralm to 1.755m.


 Ramsau am Dachstein        39,5 km / 1.435 m         

The mountain bike tour - Ramsau am Dachstein is one of the most beautiful tours in Styria and has a length of 39.5 km and 3 long climbs with 1.435 vertical meters. After Türlwand we bike up even the Rittisberg and finally the Kulmberg. The MTB tour is suitable for everyone with an easy, short single track on Kulmberg next to the gravel and asphalt roads. All along the route there are some very good huts and inns.


 Reiteralm      44 Km / 1.269 m

The 44km long mtb - tour Reiteralm (signed well as official MTB - Tour "Reiteralmrunde") leads from Schladming - Pichl - Preunegg - Reiteralm - Preunegg - Rohrmoos and back to Schladming. Predominance of the sections with paved roads. On the Reiteralm the MTB Tour Reiteralm offers two good huts, a small lake and a magnificent view of the Dachstein and the Enns valley. At the end of the tour, there is a very interesting route in and around the Talbach between Rohrmoos and Schladming. 


 Rittisberg        27,5 km / 825 m         

This 27.5 km long tour is one of the most beautiful mountain bike tours in Ramsau am Dachstein. At 825 vertical meters, there are many beautiful views. Such at the summit cross of Rittisberg on the Dachstein, Röthelstein and Schladminger Tauern. The tour is suitable for everyone. There is next to the gravel roads only a short easy single trail on the Kulmberg.


 Salzkammergut Trophy 2008      53 Km / 1.663 m

In the Salzkammergut Trophy in 2010, there are 5 sections. 26.6 kilometers 53.1 kilometers ca.70km 109.7 kilometers and incredible 208.7 kilometers. The mega event around the mountain bike sport. Many other starters thought that the biggest mountain bike marathon in austria is also the best. Over 3400 starters from 26 nations are further evidence of this. And the landscape of the Salzkammergut region around the Dachstein is really beautiful.


 Sarsteinrunde    59,4 Km / 1.487 m

The beginning of Bad Goisern to Bad Aussee and the last part of Obertraun along the eastern shore of Lake Hallstättersee back to the starting point are identical to the black version of the MTB Dachsteinrunde black. In between, you drive on the Salzkammergut Cycle Path via Koppenpass from Bad Aussee to Obertraun. The technically difficult part of the tour is the old forest road in the ascent of Lauffen to the sight – “Ewige Wand” and the next 1.2 km on a wide trail.


 Schladming Dachstein      53,9 / 1.276 m

The mountain bike tour of Schladming, Birnberg, Ramsau am Dachstein to Türlwandhütte at the foot of the Dachstein and back over Mandling to Schladming is marked as a panorama round and is fully adapted to this title. Besides the many excellent vantage points there are on this tour at the Dachstein mountain bike tour. A short single trail through a meadow is very interesting, but not steep and not difficult.


 Schladming Planai      32,9 Km / 1.163 m

The MTB Tour Planai is an official and as "02 Planai - Round" well marked mountain bike tour in Schladming - Dachstein Tauern Region. The starting point and goal of this scenic, charming MTB Tour the station Planai, on the outskirts of Schladming / Ennstal / Styria / Austria. Except for the downhill stretch on the final slope of this mountain bike tour Planai requires no special technical skills. And the final part on the downhill track can be avoided very easily.


 Schöckl - Graz        31,2 km / 1.131 m       

The very good signposted mountain bike tour on the popular recreational mountain for the people in Graz leads from Stattegg up to the top of the mountain Schöckl. On Schöckl there besides the excellent view to Graz in Styria, four inns and and restaurants for the culinary needs of hikers and mountain bikers. On the descent there are some very difficult passages, where most of us should push your bike probably a little bit.


 Schönmoos Course       23 km / 559 m

This beautiful mtb tour is highly recommended for all mountain bikers. The section between tennis court in Weißenbach bei Liezen and the hikers parking at Schönmoos is open in the period from 15 May to 31 August 8 to 18 clock and from 01 September to 30 September 8 to 17 clock.


 Schüttbauernalm     32,8 km / 1.186 m  

The 32.8 km long mountain bike tour Schüttbauernalm is located in the beautiful National Park Limestone Alps. The tour is with 1.186 vertical meters quite challenging, but has no technical difficulties. The lodge is open from Wednesday to Sunday for a good rest.


 Spital am Pyhrn      16,8 Km / 634 m

The MTB Tour Spital Pyhrn is an official and as "Oberwenger Panoramarunde" very well signposted MTB Tour in the south of Upper Austria on the border of Styria. The mountain bike ride with many very good vantage points is for the protection of wild animals of 15. April to 31. October and 2 hours after sunrise to 1 hour before sunset open.


 Spechtensee      49 Km / 680 m

To be in the beautiful landscape around the Spechtensee, is always a very pleasant experience. The Spechtensee is located in Austria - Styria - Liezen - Ennstal. The tour by mountain bike from Wörschach to the Spechtensee is much harder than from Tauplitz. By Tauplitz you could also go with the racing wheel to Spechtensee, as the road to Wörschachwald and Spechtensee is paved. 


 Strubschlucht   35 Km / 1.320 m

The Strubschlucht mtb round consists mainly of asphalt roads 31.5 km and 1.8 km gravel, but the remaining 1.7 kilometers are very interesting and sometimes the dirt roads and single trails are technically challenging. The very scenic area in the Natural Park Sölktäler is a great incentive to drive this very well signposted mountain bike tour.


 Teichalm        42 km / 1.213 m

The MTB Tour Drachentour ( Dragon Tour) is a beautiful and medium tour with starting in Mixnitz near the river mur. After the 14 km on the Breitenauerroad in the valley Roßgraben begin the long climb through the Tiefenbachvalley. The highlights are the both pastures in the Nature park - Almenland Teichalm and Tyrnaueralm.


 Viehbergalm      40 Km / 1.039 m

A very famous and popular mountain bike tour between Grobming and Bad Mitterndorf. It is also part of the Alps Tour and the Dachstein mtb round. A very beautiful scenic tour. The Viehbergalm is managed and a very good opportunity for a relaxing break with the super scenery of the Kammspitze. and Dachstein Glacier. 


 Wildoner MTB Marathon 2009      54 Km / 1.435 m

The longer of the two MTB Bike Marathon route in Wildon is 54 kilometers long and has 1435 altimeter. From the pond in Wildon leads the Mountain bike marathon to St. Nikolai im Sausal, Sulmsee bei Leibnitz and from Dexenberg return to Wildon. The opinions of the starter in 2008, the MTB - traveled route, were almost entirely positive and euphoric. As my interest increased even further. The high expectations were fully met by the organizers and from the track. Many sections run through private land and therefore these MTB Tour is only released for the Wildoner bike marathon.


 Windischgarsten       31,6 km / 856 m         

The MTB Tour Langfirst in Windischgarsten - Upper Austria leads through the National Park Kalkalpen and is one of the moderate MTB Tours. On this tour you get wonderful insights into the National Park Kalkalpen and has superb views to the alps Dead Mountains and the mountains around the beautiful starting point Windischgarsten. Along the tour there are seven public huts and cabins.


 Wolfgangsee - Schafberg      48 Km / 838m

The mountain bike tour around the Schafberg and Wolfgangsee in the Salzkammergut is a moderate mountain bike tour which is less suitable for trained mountain bikers. Except for the 1.8 kilometers long climb from Rußbach to Schwarzensee and a short steep section after Eisenaueralm there are no particular difficulties. This mountain bike tour offers magnificent views of Lake Wolfgangsee Lake Wolfgangsee, Schwarzensee, Mondsee and the very noteworthy towns of St. Wolfgang in the Salzkammergut, Strobl and St. Gilgen.


 Zwölferhorn     21,5 Km / 1.007m                                                   

The MTB Tour Zwölferhorn in the beautiful austrian region Salzkammergut starts in Brunn near the lake Wolfgangsee. It's a very well-marked, official mountain bike tour in the state of Salzburg. The single-lane toll road is paved on the first 1.2 km and then a dirt road leads up to the pasture Illingeralm. There are two very interesting single-trails near the mountain Pillsteinhöhe and a fantastic downhill after the inn Sausteigalm.


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