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 The MTB Tour Altaussee - Bad Goisern is a challenging mountain bike tour in the scenic, beautiful, Austrian Salzkammergut - Ausseerland. But not only the beautiful views will inspire you, but also the great tour itself. Even those of us who want to have a bit more MTB adventure. The long single trail before and after the "Ewigen Wand", and the passage in the "Ewigen Wand" are challenging and exciting.

As a starting point for the MTB tour Altaussee - Bad Goisern I have selected the parking lot at the old toll-station and by the ski station Loser. At kilometer 2 and after only a few meters of altitude you reach the beautifully situated pasture "Blaa Alm".

After Blaa Alm you follow the eight kilometer descent to Rettenbachalm and to the intersection in the Grabenbachtal.  Up to this point you follow the signs "Blaa Alm Runde." Those mountain bikers who start the MTB Tour at a different starting point, they have with the managed pastures - Blaa Alm and Rettenbachalm, two wonderful opportunities to insert a pause. By Grabenbachtal is the MTB Tour as "Raschbergrunde" and "Trans Salzkammergut" very good marked. Overall, the slope of the Raschberg is 10 kilometers long and you reach an altitude of 1383m. The slope is not equal 8% steep, but some flat sections alternate with 10-15% strength gradients. At the junction - km 13.5 and 900m (purple area in the Google Map) you drive straight ahead on the Raschbergrunde. Would you turn right you come to Hütteneckalm 1.240m or Hoisenradalm 969m. Before you reach the highest point on Raschberg, you have a wonderful view of the Hütteneckalm, Bad Ischl, Dead Mountains, Schafberg at Wolfgangsee, Bad Goisern, Predigstuhl, Ramsaugebirge and Katergebirge. The view at the highest point on Raschberg is still much better. On my mountain bike tour, the sky was overcast. But based on these photos can only be guessed what a wonderful view of Hallstatt, the Dachstein Glacier and Dachstein at this point of the MTB Tour in Upper Austria provides in better weather.

3 kilometers to the Raschberg you reach the next crossing at the Schwarzenbachloch (yellow area in the Google Map). Anyone who will shorten the Mountainbiketour Altaussee Bad Goisern, turn left and follow the path downhill, as it is located in the Google Map with the green line. It shortens the MTB tour with this version very much. But you give up the best and most interesting part of the whole mountain bike tour in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut. Many other mountain bikers are just as I also believe that the "Ewige Wand" is the absolute highlight of the entire Salzkammergut region.

The further 4 km, are slightly sloping with a few short climbs. After that you reach the single trail which starts above the mountain inn "Predigstuhl". This part is signposted as "Trans Salzkammergut", "Kelly Dachsteinrunde" and "WM-Route". If you want you can also go on Raschbergrunde on the slope Roßmoosalm to the mountain inn Predigstuhl (+100Hm). Who is the rocky single trail in the direction of "Ewige Wand" does not like can go the few steps back to the Mountain Inn "Predigstuhl" and drive through the district Riedln down to Bad Goisern (purple line going to the Google Map). For all other begins with the single trail in front of the "Ewige Wand" the most beautiful part of the whole MTB Tour in the Upper Austrian and Styrian Salzkammergut. Since this path is also used by many hikers please drive more carefully. In the "Ewige Wand" (eternal wall) you can put in a very good break, because there have been some bench and the view of Bad Goisern is very good. After the "Ewige Wand" you are going down on the forest road and on short single-track trails to Lauffen. After about 200m you reach the underpass intersections with the bike path and Salzkammergut highway. Along the river Traun you're going to Bad Goisern in the district Gschwandt until you turn to the beautiful town of Bad Goisern.

After the break, you're going further south to Stambach. Here you can choose between two options. Those who still feel very fit follow the signs "Blaa Almrunde" and bike up to the district Herndl (about 200Hm). From the district Herndl it goes down on a dirt road again to St. Agatha (-150m). Along the Orange Line in the Google map, you can omit this slope, and take much less altitude after the district St. Agatha toward to Altaussee. The forest path leads parallel to the road over the Pötschenpass. This 8 kilometers long climb back to Styria, with about 380 Hm, not so stressful. Shortly before Altaussee there is a good vantage point on the Loser and the Dachstein Glacier. After the passage in Altaussee you reach the starting point of the paved road that also leads to the salt mine.

To conclude this very beautiful and exciting day on the mountain bike tour through the Salzkammergut, I can recommend you a bath in Altausseersee and a boat trip very much.

This mountain bike tour is also excellent for training for the Salzkammergut Trophy, starting and finishing in Bad Goisern. Most sections of this mountain biking tour between Altaussee and Bad Goisern be travelled even in the Salzkammergut Trophy. This is especially true for the section C of the Salzkammergut Trophy and the first parts of the lines A and B of the biggest mountain bike marathon in Austria.

Abfahrt von der Blaa Alm zur Rettenbachalm Teil 1

Abfahrt von der Blaa Alm zur Rettenbachalm Teil 2

Single Trail vor der Ewigen Wand oberhalb von Bad Goisern

Durch die Ewige Wand


Single Trails von der Ewigen Wand nach Lauffen Teil 1

Single Trails nach der Ewigen Wand nach Lauffen Teil 2

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