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MTB Bad Ischl auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

GPS data download from - Tour Nr. 44275

The MTB Tour Bad Ischl starts in Hinterstein - City of Bad Ischl. The best is to follow the signs Rettenbachalm and shortly after the Rettenbachmühle there beside the road some, shaded parking. The first 3.5 kilometers on the dirt road through the Rettenbachtal towards Rettenbachalm are only rising slightly, and therefore ideal for warming up. From the intersection into Grabenbachtal you follow the signs "Hoisnrad Variante 2". First you go by mountain bike on the gravel road into Grabenbachtal a few meters down. From the bend with the bridge over the Rettenbach begins the 5.5-kilometer-long climb to the top of the mountain bike tour of Bad Ischl to 1059m. A few short flat sections alternate here with gradients of 15-18%. A total of 473 vertical meters to ride, and the average gradient is 8.6%.

By the close Rettenbachtal and Grabenbachtal there are no good vantage points, but lots of shade, which is very important especially on hot days. At the crossroads near the Grabenbachalm to 920 Hm, do not go straight ahead to Raschberg but turn right. At the crossroads "Tauern" (1108m) you drive straight ahead towards Hoisenradalm. If one would turn to the left, you go to the Hütteneckalm (1240m). The first very good vantage point is located a few hundred meters after the Tauern intersection. The pleasant departure to the next intersection at Leckenmoos at 972m is 1.7 kilometers long. From Leckenmoos at Gschwendtalm you bike to the Hoisenradalm 30 meters height again before it goes 30 meters with a gap of about 15% down.

From Hoisenradalm you have on the bike tour Bad Ischl, the best view of the whole MTB - Tour. Particularly beautiful is the view of Bad Ischl and its surroundings (wonderful alpine panorama with Lake Wolfgang, Schafberg, Kathrin, Loser, Sandling), and the prospect of the Dead Mountains. On the Hoisenradalm there for hungry hikers and mountain bikers good snacks and some hot dishes.

After the break on the Hoisenradalm you drive, the same path back to the Leckenmoos. In Leckenmoos you turn right and then follow the signs from "Hoisnrad Variante 3". The gravel road up to Reinfalzalm is slightly uphill with again 60 vertical meters. Then the MTB Tour Bad Ischl takes you around the Mitterberg (1062m), where is after a long downhill once again a short slope of 25 Hm. In Hinerrad starts the technically demanding downhill in the direction of Bad Ischl. The gravel road is bumpy, 400m long, and has a gradient of 23%. Not so technically proficient mountain bikers have to push there Bike here a little bit.

At kilometer 21 you reach the first houses of the district Perneck in Bad Ischl. At the intersection in Perneck you need to turn left, although the white markings on the ground, which probably originate from the Salzkammergut Trophy, to drive straight ahead. From Perneck and Reitendorf to the point after the Rettenbachmühle it is then only 3.5 kilometers on this bike tour.

Would you follow by the Rettenbachmühle the sign "Hoisnrad Version 3", you could go to the end of the MTB - Tour of Bad Ischl along the bicycle path a very nice round of Bad Ischl.

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