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 Since only a few mountain biker can master this long tour in a day, there is also the description of the 2- or 3- days tour. There are no difficult passages, but only slightly passable dirt roads and paved roads. Some of the best tracks in the national park Gesäuse and nature park Eisenwurzen were combined into this great MTB round. The varied landscape of the MTB Tour Buchstein consists of the imposing mountains, crystal clear rivers and streams, and long distances through the beautiful forests. The inns Hensle in St. Gallen, Stiegenwirt in Palfau and Kölblwirt in Johnsbach have some special offers for overnight with other additional services such as Current tour card, rental GPS unit, luggage transport and lockable bike garage. Despite adequate signage I recommend you to use a GPS device.

The MTB Tour Buchstein begins in St. Gallen with a small slope through the district - Bergerviertel and then further up towards the pasture - Pfarralm. After 4,2 km we reach in the wood the first small pass – Ennsbaum 760m. Then we drive on the gravel road downhill to Unterlaussa. Of Unterlaussa at km 7 to 12.5 kilometers, you’ drive on the road Hengstpaß L550 most comfortable downhill. Then comes a small slope up to the little plateau - Platzl and then further to Weißenbach an der Enns. Near the railway station is the lowest point of the tour on a high of 413m. Along the river Enns we drive through Wolfsbachau slightly uphill and at km 21 up through the valley Wolfsbachtal with an average gradient of 8.5% and 4,5 km wide up to unmanaged pasture - Pflegeralm. After the downhill we drive on the road L705 a few meters uphill to the pass - Erbsattel. Past the castle - Kassegg we roll gently down to Großreifling. Where you’ll going after the bridge over the Enns and after the confluence of Enns and Salza along 1.5 kilometers to the east. The next driveway on a gravel road starts at km 37. Now we follow the Austria Alps tour up through the valley Tiefenbachgraben to the Sulzbachalm and the little pass - Gamssteinhals. Then we bike again short uphill to the cabin - Naturfreundehütte and through the pasture - Moaralm down to Palfau.

Of Palfau we drive on the road Erlauftal through the next village - Gams and then uphill to the pass – Radstatthöhe. In Mooslandl you have to leave the main road and drive through the district Hafnerboden to Lainbach. There follows 3.5 km to the road Eisenstraße B115 shortly uphill to Wandau after about 74 kilometers, we reach Hieflau 503m. The gravel road of Hieflau up to unmanaged pasture Hochscheibenalm in the very interesting National Park Gesäuse is approximately 8 km long (6 km with an average slope of 10%). After the highest and very promising point 1.190m we drive down to the managed hut - Kroißenalm and then to Gstatterboden. After the stop at the Nature Park Pavilion we drive 500m on the road - Gesäusestraße to the railway crossing and not to the left of the bridge, but straight on the Rauchboden MTB Tour 3 kilometers to the railway station Johnsbach. Away from the train station we push the wheels 200m long, cross the railroad track and the wooden footbridge over the river Enns. On the road – Gesäusebundesstraße B146 leads the Buchstein MTB Tour 4.5 kilometers through the narrow Gesäuse. Very worth seeing are the rapids of the River Enns in the Gesäuseeingang. At Km 98 we leave the road - Gesäusestraße and driving on a paved side road to Weng im Gesäuse. On the bridge over the Enns you should stop and enjoy the wonderful view back to the Gesäuseeingang. In Weng im Gesäuse begins the last steep slope on a paved, one-lane road through the community Kletzenberg up to the saddle – Buchauer Sattel. After the next three kilometers on the road - Buchauer Bundesstraße we leave the main road. On a gravel road we drive to St. Gallen. At Km 114 we pass the inn - Forellenhof and after the small slope in Grießbach we drive through the district Oberreith and the water park back to St. Gallen.

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