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MTB Tour Giglachseen auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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The MTB Tour Giglachsee in the Dachstein Tauern region is one of the most beautiful, challenging and varied routes in the Austrian Alps are available for mountain bikers.

There are paved roads, a bike path, gravel paths, a broad stony track, single trail, pushing and carrying sections, steep slopes, the wonderfully beautiful mountain of landscape Nature park Sölktäler, with the upper and lower Giglachsee - 2 beautiful mountain lakes, cultivated pastures, mountain huts and magnificent views of the Dachstein, the highest mountain in Styria. The Giglachsee mountain bike tour is good signs with "No.17 Giglachsee - Round" so that you should bring your own map just in case. The MTB Tour of the Giglachsee starts at the ski lift station in Rohrmoos with a 4 kilometers long and steep descent to an average of 9.5% in Schladming. Right at first roundabout, turn left and then travel by bike on the Salzburg Road to the west at Deaconess Hospital in Schladming by up to 1.5 kilometers of the Ennstal bike path begins.

The Enns bike path between Schladming Pichl and is half filled with gravel roads and one-line paved roads along the Enns river. In Pichl the first ascent begins up at Preunegg. After the 2.7 kilometers long climb with an average of 9% you reach an altitude of 1020m. As the next 8 kilometers to the pasture Moarhofalm only have an average gradient of 2.8 percent, you can lose it and you can already enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Nature Park Sölktäler. From the toll station at kilometer 15 on the asphalt road ends and the rolled gravel road begins. Immediately after the Moarhofalm ends the welcoming part of the Giglachsee ends MTB Tour. The long climb about 3 km to the pasture "Ursprungalm" has an average gradient of 12%. Since the gravel road has many bends and because of the wonderful views of the Dachstein, this slope is also a pleasure. At kilometer 23.5 and at an altitude of 1610m you reach the large parking lot at the Ursprungalm. The mountain "Steirische Kalkspitze" (2.459m) is based with a few other two-thousand the scenic view of the Ursprungalm.

After Ursprungalm I had to dismount at the first 800m, with 20% very steep, rocky trail, and move my mountain bike a few hundred meters. For mountain bike professionals, this slope is also quite passable. The remaining 1.4 kilometers to the Preuneggsattel to 1956m with an average of 14% is also a great challenge. On the drive through the "Rinderfeld", you leave the pasture area and reached the high alpine terrain of the Low Tauern. The Giglachseehütte is a shelter and is located a few meters from the Preuneggsattel at 1955m. It is also possible to stay on the Giglachseehütte. Evan a shower facility with hot water is available. Who connects the Giglachsee MTB Tour with an overnight stay at the Giglachseehütte gets because of the sunset and sunrise, most impressions of the beautiful mountain scenery in the Stein.

To the Upper Giglachsee you drive along the wide trail a few hundred meter downhill. You should not miss the circumnavigation of the two Giglachsee in any case. The pushing and carrying sections of Ignaz - Mattis Hut (in the google map shown in red) you can miss when you return between to the Lower Giglachsee and Upper Giglachsee and then going the way to Ignaz Mattis hut. The Giglachsee change depending on the sunlight from deep blue to green. The Ignatz Mattis at 1.991m has in addition to the tasting with regional specialties, 7 rooms and 50 storage bins. Particularly noteworthy is the  "Rinderfeld", in June-August, with the red flowering "Almrausch". The departure of the Preuneggsattel to Ursprungalm and Moarhofalm should be driven in any case only with well-shaped mountain bike tires and new tubes, otherwise a tire defect on the rocky road is very likely. Between Preuneggsattel and Ursprungalm please take particular attention to the walkers that is, special caution in children. On the winding dirt road between Urspungalm and Moarhofalm always drive a few cars and the bus 3 times a day. So do not cut blind corners and bends. The curves you should not braked too hard, because the fine rolled gravel, provides not so much grip especially when the road is wet. From the Moarhofalm follow cozy 8 kilometers to the toll station.

After the toll station you turn on the Mountainbike Tour at Preunegg right and drive along the paved road "Hohenbergstraße" back to Rohrmoos, where 3 km before the finish line is a small slope with about 100 altimeters. Along the road - Hohenbergstraße you have many good vantage points to Ramsau am Dachstein, Dachstein, and on the opposite side of the Ennstal. The challenging Giglachsee MTB Tour ends after the final departure at the lower station of ski lifts in Rohrmoos to 46.5 kilometers and 1.386 vertical meters.

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