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The MTB Tour Grabneralm offers almost everything that the mountain heart is seeking. Comfortable cruising on a flat road, beautiful bike path along the Enns river, a short meadow, a technically and physically very challenging forest road (about 1 kilometers long) - which one can drive around, long forest roads with standard 10% gradient, very good vantage points, beautiful Gesäuse mountains, Grabneralm with a very good hut at the peak of the Mountain Tour, easy and more challenging descents to Weng in Gesäuse - a beautiful, idyllic Alpine village and the market town Admont a worth-cost starting point and destination of this magnificent mountain bike ride in the Styrian Enns valley.

A very good start to this MTB Tour of the Grabneralm is Admont. Because of the good parking facilities in Admont and warming up before the hard climbs. You'll pass the tennis court in Admont, and then follow the bike path until Weng im Gesäuse. The first kilometers are a asphalted bike path to Weng im Gesaeuse and is followed by a fine gravel, which leads you on a bike bridge and an underpass, according to Weng im Gesäuse. The paved road to Kletzenberg in Weng im Gesäuse is 2.5 kilometers long and has an average gradient of 9.3%. After a short, flat section you'll reach the "Buchauersattel" and the signposted mountain bike route to Grabneralm. The first kilometer (in the vertical meters profile and Google Map shown in red) of MTB Tour of the Grabneralm is technically and physically very demanding. The old forest road to Grabneralm house is wide, but has an average gradient of 16 percent. Since there are on the bumpy road many large stones, one has to take on the mountain bike permanently the second gear. Otherwise you will hang on one of the stones below the leaves. To avoid possible falling over you need your feet can take out of the pedals quickly. But if that is too strenuous, you can bypass the first part of the official mountain bike tour Grabneralm. Approximately 500m to the east after the Buchauersattel the new forest begins to Grabneralm. This forest road have I also selected for the departure - see Google Map.

At Kilometer 8 the two paths combine again, and on the new forest road you reach, without further technical difficulties, after 3.6 kilometers and an average of 10% slope the Grabneralm house. There different sections with shadow, sun and beautiful view points. By the Grabneralm house you have a wonderful view of the mountains in the Gesaeuse and the Grabnerstein behind. The Grabneralm (1395m) lies on the eastern foothills of the "Haller Mauern" (walls) and only a few miles west of the mountain in Gesäuse. The Grabneralm is known as the balcony of the Gesäuse mountains. From early May to late October is the Grabneralm consistently managed, offers a good kitchen and 45 beds (15 beds and 30 bed storage bins).

The same forest road you are driving back to the Buchauersattel, where you can again choose between the two different difficulty forest roads. Then you travel about 1 km towards Admont. After that is on the right, a mountain bike path witch is signed as Alpentour Austria. In Weng im Gesäuse you turn at Km 19 from to the left towards "Gesäuseeingang". At km 22 you reach at the Enns bridge the next wonderful vantage point on the MTB Tour. Here you should take a break because of the unique landscape. In addition, have been prepared by the staff of the National Gesaeuse some very interesting display boards on which one learns more about the history, flora, fauna and geology of the Gesäuse.

Back to Admont you can certainly travel like on this tour through the Gesäuse highway, or on the Ennstal bike path about Weng im Gesäuse. Depending on your condition and how long you want to stay at the beautiful view points, should be planned for the mountain bike tour Grabneralm approximately 2 to 4 hours. Since the forest road is being cleared in the final meters after snowy winters, this tour is open for mountain bikers and walkers at the beginning of May. The images on this MTB Tour are from the second week of May 2009th Therefore, in the pictures on the Grabneralm Mountainbiketour still see a lot of snow and the trees and lawns contribute a little bare. Alternative to the big mountain bike lap you can start the MTB Tour of the Grabneralm also from Buchauersattel or in Weng im Gesäuse, where there are also some parking spaces.

The Grabneralm is located in the municipality Weng im Gesäuse Weng and is in the possession of the land and forestry college Grabnerhof. Of the total 180 ha of Grabneralm 25 hectares of protection forest, 55 hectares of grazing land, 27 hectares of unusable land and 73 hectares are unproductive. The elevation of Grabneralm ranges from 1200m to the Grabnerstein 1.848m. Every year about 30-40 heifers and bullocks and 30 sheep and young lambs spend the summer from late June to late September at the Grabneralm. From the agricultural and forestry school Grabnerhof the footpath to Grabnerstein using 11 display boards for an informative alp hiker path has been redesigned. Here you can learn many interesting things about the Grabneralm house, livestock, education data, forest, wildlife, ancillary use, water, flora, and wildlife on the Grabneralm. The Grabneralm serves the agricultural and forestry school Grabnerhof for a modern economic lessons. It is not only to crops and livestock on the pastures, but also about the direct marketing of products on the pastures and the related marketing to raise the biological product in the summer vacationers.

The school at Grabnerhof was purchased by the Province of Styria in 1901, together with the Grabneralm. From 1902 to 1905 established a building and 2 cattle sheds. 1906 First commercial rate on the Grabneralm. 1908 to 1910 development of Grabneralm with a path. 1912 Construction of the 3rd stable on the Grabneralm. 1913 construction of a cableway. 1914 to 1916 establishment of the Grabneralm house as a schoolhouse. By 1946, the rental Grabneralm house.

From Grabneralm be achieved in 1-2 hours on an easy path into the Grabnerstein 1.848m. Another very nice goal, past the Grabneralm, the Admonterhaus on Grabnertörl on 1.723m, and then on to Mittagskogel 2.041m, snake latches 2065 and Hexenturm 2.172m. Even a circular route from the Grabneralm to Admonterhouse and then across to the "Jungfernsteig" climbing an insured Class A / B to Grabnerstein and back down to the Grabneralm house is possible. Walking time about 3 to 4 hours. In addition to hikers and mountain bikers in the summer visit in the winter, many ski tourers and snowshoers to Grabneralm.

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