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The MTB Tour Graz East is an all-day mountain bike tour in Graz and in the eastern area of Graz. Who does not want to take the whole tour, or did not find so much time have many easy ways to shorten the MTB Tour Graz Eastern (Red lines in Google Map). Furthermore you can reach the MTB Tour from Graz very easily (purple lines in the Google map). Who does not know the area and without Navi should take a map. A very good cycling map can be ordered free on This tour is a wonderful way to meet the eastern surroundings of Graz extensively. The tour consists of about three quarters of paved roads. Where the main streets but represent a very small part and are used only as a link between the often single-lane local roads.

A very good starting point for mountain bike tour of Graz East is the by me chosen parking in Stattegg hub. The first 1.5 km to the end of the bus line are still to warm up. Next you drive not the steep road straight ahead, but right through the yard on a somewhat bumpy dirt road to a height of 725m. Up there, follow the signs to Summit storm Stattegg Schöckl. Once you reach the Kalkleiten road, turn right towards Kalkleiten and Hohenberg on the marked "Panorama Cycle Path - GU3". In this section you'll have very good vantage points from the top of the provincial capital Graz. A few hundred meters after the village Hohenberg begins the marked MTB Tour "Graz Umrundung" (Graz - Circumnavigation) with the departure to Mölten. The signs for "Graz Umrundung" now we follow up to Krachelberg at km 63 of this MTB tour Graz Eastern. After the first major climb through the hills of Eastern Styria, the all so have about 50 to 150 meters you'll reach Nadisch. From Nadisch one has an especially nice view on the mountain Schöckl. On the descent towards Kumberg the first single track is very interesting with a length of a few hundred meters. Up to the beautiful village Kumberg there are again about 50 altimeters.

After Kumberg you'll bike a piece on the federal highway B72 and Volker Road until Hoffeld. On small streets the tour continued up to Schaftalberg, Schaftal and Schillingsdorf to Neudörfl. From Neudörfl to Hönigtal was installed a 500m long and 10-15% steep forest road on the MTB Tour Graz - circumnavigation, which is still a bit difficult to drive. This forest, however, you can drive around on the Google Map (green line) plotted variation through the "Milchgraben". Once in Hönigtal you turn right after the church and a large inn down again towards Tomsche-Tal. Since Hönigtal is located approximately in the middle of the MTB Tour Graz Eastern it is an ideal opportunity for the first long break.

Who wants to drive the approximately 6 km long mtb - round in the village Laßnitzhöhe should watch this before on the map very carefully. Best you turn left at the junction and bike the MTB ride - round clockwise. After 2.7 km on the Laßnitzhöhe mtb round not turn right 90° on the narrow asphalt road, but turn sharp right to the forest road. Following the interesting forest road you drive at the station in Laßnitzhöhe over and again 90 altimeters in the center of Laßnitzhöhe. 10m near the junction, where one has begun the additional round, turn left and continues the tour through Laßnitzhöhe. After another 1,2 km you have the choice between a wonderful single trail after Moggau down when you turn right and a milder variant on the main road. After the single trail the sign is not entirely clear and one should turn to the left (yellow line in the Google Map) otherwise you drive like me a second round in Laßnitzhöhe. At Krachelberg end the signs mtb tour "Graz circumnavigation" and you follow to 67 km in Pachern - Hart bei Graz the cycle path R49 - Mostwärtsradweg. When you leave the bike path R49 at the highway underpass, turn right towards Pachern. After 500m you reach the main road in Pachern where you have to turn left. After another 1.3 km you go right up to the last hard pitch on the street Lindenstraße to Petersbergen.

On the subsequent descent to reach the city of Graz in the district Graz St Peter. Especially during the week you should bike on the side streets because of the traffic in the direction of Schlossberg and the river Mur in northwest direction. Before you drive 3km north on the bike path R2 there is next to the Mur in Graz the beautiful park - Städtischer Augarten.

The bike path R28 through Graz-Andritz is good signposted. Only one should be careful when reaching the street Weinitzerstraße that one turn to the left and after 200m at the traffic lights turn right again to the street Statteggerstraße. The remaining 3.5 km to the starting point in Stattegg are very slightly increasing with an average of 1.4%.

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