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The MTB Tour of Hallstatt is certainly one of the most beautiful mountain bike tours in the entire Alpine region. With a length of 71 kilometers and 2.045 vertical meters, is the mountain bike tour in the central Salzkammergut - Bad Goisern / Hallstatt / Gosau - Austria, for hobby bikers a heavy MTB Tour. But every kilometer in the beautiful scenic area of the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt - Dachstein is a wonderful experience. Due to its scenic beauty and the large range of mountain bike routes, the area around Hallstatt, Bad Goisern and Gosau is very popular with mountain bikers.

A very good starting point for the mountain bike tour of Hallstatt is "Untersee" in the municipality of Bad Goisern. The MTB Hallstatt tour begins with a flat stage along the eastern shore of Lake Hallstatt. Scenically beautifully situated in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut Lake Hallstatt offers the first kilometers some very good vantage points. The bike path R2 in this area consists of gravel and asphalt, is very well signposted and is also used by walkers. So please drive carefully especially around the curves. After 3.5 kilometers the bike path and walking path separate for about 2 kilometers. The 50 meter height at the first pitch is ideal for warming up. A bike jacket is highly recommended, as temperatures in the summer morning can only reach about 10 degrees. The eastern shore of Lake Hallstatt is at this time completely in the shade. At km 6 is a interesting bridge construction, because the rocks is almost vertically above the surface of Lake Hallstatt for a distance of a few hundred meters. In the early morning the rubber mats are still wet with dew, so do not brake too hard. At the train stop the cycle path turn right after the shelter and after a few meters downhill followed a sharp left-hand bend.

At the beach in Obertraun after 9 km you will not need a bike jacket, since you leaves the shadow of Sarstein (1975m). Of Obertraun to Lahn (village of Hallstatt) you can drive on a bike path. The first 1.5 km of Lahn inside the Echerntal are still flat. From kilometer 15 of the Hallstatt MTB tour starts up the 10 kilometers long climb to the Strähnhag (1507m). In the average 10% slope there are long sections with 15%. In the last both km between Durchgangalm and Strähnhag are some short sections with about 20% slope. After the tunnel, and in front of Waldbach Strub you have a very good view into the Echerntal and return to the lake Hallstatt. The view of the mountain - "Vorderer Plassen" is very beautiful. But the best view of this rise has been on the Durchgangalm and a little break is highly recommended. The very idyllic but not managed pasture is surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Dachstein glacier. Since the Durchgangalm is not directly located on the forest road, one has to turn at the bend (Km 23.6 to 1410m) a few meters down to the Durchgangalm. After the Durchgangalm you have in the last kilometers to Strähnhag a few steep sections with 20%. The Strähnhag is the highest point on the mountain bike tour Hallstatt and offers no particular view. He is sheltered by a few trees. On the Strähnhag you usually meet some mountain bikers with whom one can share his experience after the climb.

If you want to spend your break better on a real mountain hut, it offers after a 700m long and 15% steep descent by Roßalm the best opportunity on the Hallstatt MTB Tour. The Roßalm is because of the good food and very friendly service a popular meeting point for many hikers and mountain bikers. But first you should drive the few kilometers to Schreieralm, because with a full stomach you can not overcome the 180 altimeters so easily. The visit of Schreieralm and Schreier Kogel is also very beautiful. The Schreieralm is not cultivated, but specifically by the Schreier Kogel you have a much better view of the Vorderen Plassen and to Gosau. At 5 kilometers from the Roßalm to Grubenalm there are some small climbs and just after the Grubenalm a long slope with 90 meters. On the descent, there are specially after Ebenalm until the lake "Vorderer Gosausee" some exceptionally beautiful vantage points on the mountains "Gosaukamm" and the Dachstein Glacier.

At the inn at the "Vorderer Gosausee" you should definitely fill your water bottles. For after a short descent and small gradient at the little lake "Gosaulacke" is the second major climb of this mountain bike tour Hallstatt of Gosau Hintertal (785m) to Schäferalm (1233m). This gradient for non-managed Schäferalm is 5 kilometers long, has an average gradient of 9% and on sunny days you'll feel warm, especially there are many sunny sections in the afternoon. From Schäferalm follows a 6.5 kilometer long departure down to Brielgraben and Klaushof in Gosau. After 3 km on the highway B166 "Paß Gschüttbundesstraße" you reach a large parking lot. From there you drive with your mountain bike on a gravel road parallel to the highway in the direction Gosauzwang and lake Hallstatt. (Who wants to miss this 70 altimeter can also continue on the highway.) A few hundred meters before the Gosauzwang you reach again the Paß Gschütt Bundesstraße. On that road you're going back in the direction of Bad Goisern / Untersee. 

If you need a refreshment in front of the goal, there is a small restaurant a few hundred yards after the crossing by a parking lot. In Steeg on Lake Hallstatt you turn right just after the railroad crossing on the narrow bike path. This bike path leads you back to the municipal "Untersee".

When the mountain bike tour is too strenuous for you, you have 5 ways to shorten this MTB Tour of Hallstatt in Upper Austria's Salzkammergut region.

Option 1: We choose as starting point Hallstatt or Gosau. Thus, the tour will be shorter because of lake Hallstatt is omitted

Option 2: If you are not going from Roßalm to Schreieralm, you shorten the mountain bike tour at 7 kilometers and 180 meters.

Option 3: As shown in the Google map with the red line you can go directly from the Grubenalm to Schäferalm. You renounce the scenic part of the lake "Vorderer Gosausee". The mtb tour of Hallstatt is shortened by 14 kilometers and 500 meters.

Option 4: From Gosau Hintertal to Gosau by the Leitgebkogel to Klaushof (green line in the Google Map). You can not save as many km as in option 3, but you're going to the beautiful lake "Vorderer Gosausee" and just up the slope to Schäferalm is omitted.

Option 5: As mentioned earlier, you have the possibility to omit the path parallel to the highway "Paß Gschütt Bundesstraße" (orange line in the Google Map). So you save 70 altimeter.

Many sections of this mountain biking tour around Hallstatt in Upper Austria's Salzkammergut region are identical with the Salzkammergut Trophy Tour A and B. On my tour I met a lot of mountain bikers who have trained at least once before in the beautiful area around Bad Goisern - Hallstatt for the Salzkammergut Trophy, even if they had to travel from far away.

 All roads and gravel roads were in 2009 in excellent condition. Only on the short descent down to Gosauzwang you should watch something.

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