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MTB-Tour Stornalm - Haus im Ennstal auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

GPS data download from - Tour Nr. 46380

The MTB Tour in Haus im Ennstal is an official and as a "07 Stornalm Round" perfectly marked mountain bike tour in the beautiful Dachstein Tauern region. The medium MTB Tour has a total of 1423 meters and 41 kilometers. Of these, approximately 10km tarmac, 30km dirt and 0.5 kilometers meadow. Who wants to have it a little easier, or does not have much time, you can simply omit the slope towards Stornalm and saves so about 700 vertical meters and 16 kilometers. All gravel roads and forest roads are managed without difficulty. Only in the last 3 kilometers to Stornalm from 1.300 Hm stones lying on the forest road are becoming more and bigger. Therefore you need on the last 3 kilometers, some additional power, about the 2-4 cm great stones. Likewise, one should be careful on the descent and risking not too much.

The mountain bike tour Stornalm starts at the main square in Haus im Ennstal. After the first 150m in the direction to Schladming, turn right to the swimming pool. There is also a large information panel of the 3 official MTB Tours in Haus im Ennstal. According to the Federal Roads underpass, turn right and immediately after the swimming pool to the left to the river "Enns". Continue on to the height of the football and tennis court in Haus im Ennstal must be at the barn to the left to bike bridge over the river Enns. At Kilometer 3 starts in Weissenbach the almost 10 kilometers long climb to the Birnberg. These alternate with short slopes, from flat sections and some small slopes and over again. At km 7, the mountain bike tour offers at Birnberg also a 500m long dirt road.

The trip to the Birnberg has some good vantage points overlooking Haus im Ennstal and Schladming. From Strimitzen - 1.011m you're going back down to 915m in the district Lodenwalker.

Anyone who wants to spare the small incline on the road to Ramsau am Dachstein, follow the signs for "Panoramic round" until shortly before the car park to Silberkarklamm and there continues to Stornalm - Round. On the original route will be returned after the 150 Hm, on an interesting, beautiful forest road. The rather flat route with some gentle climbs and descents on the snack station "Fliegenpilz" is about 1m wide.

After descending through the car park at kilometer 14, follows by "Silberkarklamm" 936m the 1 km long slope behind the Rössinkogel to farm Rössing 1.033m. The long slope towards Stornalm begins at km 17.5 and 993m. The average gradient is 8.5% to 8 kilometers.

The last 3 kilometers are steeper than the first 5 kilometers. In addition, as already mentioned, the stones on the forest more and bigger. So that one almost feels like on a 15% slope. In the beginning, you still going in the woods. From 1300, the trees are rare, but the prospect of better and also the sunny sections of the increase. The driveway ends a little unspectacular in a small, lonely parking lot. To eat tactically correct, you have to bring along any food self-sufficient.

The same forest road you drive down after the break. In the beginning, do not drive too fast, because at the curves you get with your mountain bike very quickly start to slide! The mountain bike tires to prevent a defect to inflate best with 3 bar. The descent behind the Passeck to Weissenbach is 11 kilometers long in total (minus 930Hm). In the last 4 miles of Stornalm MTB you bike to Weissenbach and Ruperting on the starting point in Haus im Ennstal yet cozy.

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