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The Hochscheibenalm MTB Tour is because of the innovative National park operator, the official MTB Tour of the National park Gesäuse. In addition, the MTB Tour is very well signposted. Not just on the crossroads of the beautiful MTB Tour but also from the pasture rusting signs are placed. You need not to study maps on the tour and can concentrate fully on the Mountain - Tour and the dreamlike landscape in Gesäuse.

At the start and end of the MTB Tour in Gstatterboden and Hieflau the Tour is well represented on a large board. This could merely observing some Tourist operators from the National Park operators. For the MTB Tour will be to continue on the tour please don´t leave any litter, do not cause unnecessary noise and not drive on the remaining forest.

The average slope of this mountain bike tour to Hochscheibenalm is from Gstatterboden as well as Hieflau equal with 9.5%. The terrain of Hieflau is more evenly than by Gstatterboden, where is the profile at the beginning of very bumpy. Especially in the short, 27% strength gradient (100m) after about one kilometers inexperienced mountain bikers have to push their bike for safety. Also from the Kroißenalm to Hochscheibenalm are long climbs with 15%. Overall, the difference in level of Gstatterboden 626m and of Hieflau 716m. The 15 km mtb tour Hochscheibenalm in the National Park Gesaeuse of Gstatterboden after Hieflau you bike on a beautiful forest path and then 10 kilometers on the road back to Gstatterboden.

Very nice is the resting place with the bike stand of wood directly from the Hochscheibenalm. Unfortunately, only the Kroißenalm is managed. On the Hochscheibenalm you have to support themselves. So if you want to have a break at the Kroißenalm, you should better start in Hieflau, because from the Kroisenalm after Hieflau the tour is easy downhill without a increase. Besides Kroißenalm is also the National Pavilion in Gstatterboden a good opportunity for a break.

If you drive the Hochscheibenalm MTB Tour at least once a year, one can observe very good as the whole area in the National Gesaeuse returns to its pristine form. Everything here is so left as is. The roads through the park but are kept clear already.

There are a lot of deals each year in the National Gesaeuse to know nature better.

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