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MTB Tour Johnsbach im Gesäuse auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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The scenery beautiful MTB Tour at Johnsbach in the austrian National park Gesäuse - is 28 km long. Of these, you drive 20 km on asphalt and 8 km on gravel roads. Who does not want to go on a mountainbike tour of an asphalt road has to start 5 km in the village, Johnsbach, or after 10 km at the beginning of the gravel road by Ebnerhof. In all the main points enough parking. The traffic for Johnsbach is very low, and the bizarre rock formations on the first few kilometers from the inn "Bachbrücke" to Johnsbach are so interesting that it is also very rewarding for mountain bikers to ride the entire tour. Racing drivers can drive into the first 10 kilometers, plus a few hundred meters into the Johnsbach valley.

The MTB Tour Johnsbach begins at the inn "Bachbrücke" on the Gesaeuse road at an altitude of 596m. 5 km after the start you'll reach the small, idyllic mountain village Johnsbach im Gesäuse at 760m. Shortly before Johnsbach is a short, narrow tunnel (see last part of the video).

After the village Johnsbach follows a not very difficult, 2km long climb into the top Johnsbach valley with two bends. Where is around 7 km at an altitude of 860m. The next 3 miles to the start of the gravel road at the parking lot before the Ebnerhof are then much easier. Again, there are some wonderful views across the two Gesäuse mountains Ödstein and Admonter Reichenstein.

The real MTB Tour has its starting point at the parking lot before the Ebnerhof on 971m. The first kilometer through the gorge with the two tunnel has an average gradient of 12% and then to Kölblalm (11.6 km / 1.120m) it is again more flat. After the first possibility for a break one goes from the Kölblalm at the same forest road back 600m and then turn left. At kilometer 14 and at a height of 1.272m you'll reach the second hut - Ebneralm. The sunny terrace offers the best views of the Johnsbach valley on the whole MTB Tour. 500m after the hut Ebneralm you turn on the very well-marked MTB Tour to the right. 200m later you are on the highest point of the tour hut bike tour Johnsbach to 1.310m. Depending on the weather it can be a bit muddy the first meters after the Ebneralm.

The forest road on the descent to the third hut - Zeiringeralm is very nice at the beginning and then in the course but steep and rocky (see video). It requires no means a very great technical riding skills. Drive a bit slowly, before crossing the gullies and then release the brakes on just fine. The Zeiringeralm with 1.120m is on the same height as the Kölblalm at km 16,3. Until to Zeiringeralm may also travel cars. Therefore, the final count on about 12 kilometers through Johnsbach back to the starting point are with oncoming traffic. Who has after the three wonderful pastures hunger or thirst, for which there is on the way back in the Johnsbach valley with the inns Kölblwirt and Ödsteinwirt and in village Johnsbach and in the finish of MTB Tour the Inn Bachbrücke, four other good Refreshments.



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