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The MTB Tour Mödlingerhütte in Gaishorn is very demanding. The first 2 km up to the toll station in Gaishorn with an average gradient of about 5% is still very light and perfect for warming up.

The next 5 kilometers have an average gradient of 13%. They are already difficult enough, since many pieces have been about 20%. To top off the mountain bike tour to Mödlingerhütte, or as total hardness testing, I refer to the section from Km 7 to 7.5. Here was omitted on some turns and they have built the forest road almost directly up the slope. The 500m with an average gradient of 26%, to a few meters, there are more than 30 percent. About half of this section, I'm staying with over 180 pulse and become a hiker.

I admire every mountain biker who is managing this slope and congratulate him for this great achievement. Moreover, the road is not solid and compact, but a lot of loose gravel makes it still more difficult. Technically very demanding, because you can have very careful to be on the front wheel of sufficient weight to turn to mountain bikes too.

Do you have the hardest pitch of the Mountain - Tour Mödlingerhütte left behind you, you've got a feeling of total relief. The forest before the Mödlingerhütte opens and you have the goal in Mödlingerhütte already a few hundred meters before in sight. It returns in the final meters, no significant rise more, but you have the wonderful views of the Mödlingerhütte with the mountain Reichenstein in the backdrop and the view into Paltental and on the other side into Johnsbachtal. After the pulse has calmed down, you can relax on the sun terrace of the Mödlingerhütte. Before you return on the same stretch to Gaishorn, there is the possibility that you can go to a small, romantic lake only a few hundred meters in the direction of Admonter Reichenstein. From this lake, I've made photos, but it is not included in the GPS data of the Mödlingerhütte MTB Tour.

During the ascent of Gaishorn to the Mödlingerhütte there are only a few vantage points as almost the entire mountain bike - tour leads through a dense forest. This is especially on hot summer an especially big advantage because it allows a better bike when the sun never shines directly on the road. At eight clock is still the whole mountain slope from Gaishorn to the Mödlingerhütte in the shadow of the rising sun.
This forest of Gaishorn to Mödlingerhütte also is a toll road. Cars are allowed to drive for 3 euros until km 7. There is a parking lot for approximately 30 cars. So no mass movement, but one reason for no wild descents back to Gaishorn. For the mountain bikers there are up to the toll station a second opportunity (in the Google map shown in red).

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