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Attention!!! Many sections run through private land. Therefore, the MTB Tour in Wildon is only passable on the day at Wildon mtb - marathon.

MTB Wildon Marathon auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

GPS data download from - Tour Nr. 44750


The longer of the two MTB Bike Marathon route at Wildon is 54 kilometers long and has 1435 Hm. From the pond in Wildon the Mountain Bike Marathon leads to St. Nikolai im Sausal, Sulmsee bei Leibnitz and after Dexenberg back again to Wildon. The opinions of the starters from 2008, were almost entirely positive and euphoric, which made me very curious. But despite the high expectations I was very excited by the MTB Marathon. 10 kilometers from the finish, I even played with the idea - I wish I could take the beautiful round again.

The varied and demanding course, unfortunately, has the disadvantage that it is only passable on the day of Wildon Bike Marathon because many sections are on private land. But the number of selective forest transits, meadow, farm roads, vineyards, and the signs are perfect.

Since the roads and paths changed between tarmac, gravel, grass and mud, you must always go fully concentrated. Some roots in the forest passages also make it a bit difficult. Since it has rained a lot 1-2 days before the marathon cycling Wildon, all passages were in many forest places very muddy. As a "mud rookie" I learned with time, the difference between slightly damp, wet, and about 5cm up to 10cm deep mud.

You have not brushing your Mountainbike before you start, because after the very interesting MTB round you must to do it anyway. In the finish was built a small bike - wash station to get there the most mud away and so the car stays clean. The tip at the start of the cycling marathon Wildon: Drive the first kilometers only with 70% of maximal performance was super. The mountain bike - route was much more exhausting than I thought. Take less tire pressure, since the comfort is better due to the increased attenuation and the tires have more grip. In the morning it was still very fresh at the start, but after 2 kilometers, it was on the "Bockberg" (first hill) already warm.

The Wildon Radmarathon is interesting because there are many challenging forest passes, single trails or beautiful views over the hilly landscape of southern Styria. The highlight of the entire marathon was at Sulmsee the driveway through a vineyard, to the second catering places on the "Silberberg". In addition to great food and wonderful views, there was also a musical entertainment, including moderation. Was actually almost too good to go even further. The cycling marathon Wildon is run without timing chip. There are only running lists. This has the advantage that you do not necessarily going to mtb marathon as a race. And you, on the sporting ambitions ride with many friendly mountain bikers, not forget the beautiful scenery in southern Styria.

In finish, in addition to the were very well-organized catering, the jersey, the beer glass and other great gifts also reflect the large merchandise prizes. Another important tip. Anyone who registers at one of the bigger teams can still win other great prizes, as the biggest teams are also rewarded.

The evening after the Wildon Bike Marathon is a year before the next Wildoner Bike Marathon!

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