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 The MTB Tour Mörsbachalm begins in the beautifully situated alpine village Donnersbachwald - Ennstal - Styria. In the center of Donnersbachwald just off the main road there is a large parking lot. This is also the starting point for a total of 9 mountain biking and cycling tours in Donnersbachwald. On the information panels, one can before the start of MTB Tour briefly look at the mountain bike stretch.

The mountain bike tour to the Mörsbachalm is labeled as "No. 4 Mörsbachhüttentour. In the first few hundred meters you can warming up because the forest road is not so steep. After 3.5 kilometers you reach the front Mörsbachalm. The forest road is wide and in very good condition, but the average slope is about 13%. Some sections with about 20% slope to be overcome. From the front Mörsbachalm with ÖAV (Austrian Alpine Club) Edelweiss Mörsbachhütte and Mörsbachwirt there are excellent view points to the many surrounding mountains - Dornkarspitz, Steinkarspitze, Mörsbachspitz, Stadelfirst, Lammertörl, Lammertörlkopf, Mößnascharte, Schwarzkarspitz, Sonntagskarspitz, Gstemmerscharte, Bärneck and Riesnerkrispen.

After a further 2.5 kilometers you reach the rear Mörsbach-pasture "Hintere Mörsbachalm" after 6.1 kilometers and the highest point on the Mörsbachhüttentour with 1490m. After the ÖAV Edelweiss Mörsbachhut you're going down a few meter after a small creek crossing before the forest road climbs toward the rear Mörsbachalm. In mid-May, when I've driven the Mörsbachalm MTB - Tour, it is possible that the huts are still holding holiday. There was still plenty of snow on the mountains, but the tour could be easily navigate in the middle of May. From the rear Mörsbachalm you go back on the same path back to the front Mörsbachalm. By the Mörsbachwirt you turn right and follow the forest road through the Stegerwald. The crossing of the creek is not a problem, since 2 very small bridges were built. Before the 3.5-kilometer descent to Donnersbachwald down there are 2 easy slopes.

Those with enough force, could bike with his mountain bike after the Mörsbachalm MTB Tour also the Lärchkaralm MTB Tour, Stallaalm MTB Tour and the Riedleralm MTB Tour. An up to 5 Alpine Mountain Marathon is purely on the paper produce a surely solvable problem. Only then you should really start at eight clock and the weather should be reasonably stable. But who wants to take more of the beautiful scenery and the wonderful atmosphere to be a mountain bike recommended holiday Donnersbachwald much. In addition to the great mountain biking, there are numerous of great hiking trails.

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