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From the parking area in the center of Donnersbachwald (970 m) you drive on the Planneralm Mountain Bike Tour first 5.7 kilometers on the road to Donnersbach. Since the mountain bike tour is as Schaablehen MTB Tour - Planneralm Mountain Bike Tour and Planneralm - Donnersbach MTB tour is very well signposted, you can find the right crossing at the bridge very easily. From this bridge at 820 meters starts the 3.5-kilometer-long forest road through the forest Schaablehen. The uniform 10% slope is interrupted after 1.5 kilometers once by a short, not steep descent. From the highest point at about 1050m you drive down a few meters back and reached the tarmac Planneralm-road.

The road to Planneralm is from that point for about 6.8 kilometers long with 580 Altimeter. Along the road are only a few trees. The prospect, for example on the Hochstein, Karlspitz and Schoberspitz are wonderful. But on hot days it is missing one or another long, shaded section. Who is not in a hurry, can take a break in the Schrabach-Hut to recommend, which lies about 3 kilometers from the Planneralm. In the shade, you should allow yourself a cool drink before approaching the last few kilometers to the Planneralm. A good snack in one of the lodges, guest houses or hotels is not wrong, since you drive after Donnersbachwald the first 10 kilometers long, almost entirely downhill. And the last 6 kilometers on the MTB-Tour Planneralm after Donnersbachwald have no more great climbs.

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