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MTB Tour Donnersbachwald Riesneralm Rudel Berg auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

GPS data download from - Tour Nr. 34735


 The MTB Tour Riesneralm is signposted as a mountain bike path No.5 and leads to 3.4 kilometers around the city Donnersbachwald. The MTB Tour starts like all other mountain bike tours in Donnersbachwald also from the parking lot beside the highway near the town Donnersbachwald. The first mile you bike on the road leading south to the base station of the Riesneralp lifts. At the beginning you drive comfortably next to the ski lift up the mountain. The dirt road runs at the slopes where skiers cavort in the winter.

From the KM 1.6 to 2.0 the increases amount to 20 percent over a short period. Before the review panel of the slopes it goes back to Donnersbachwald. The ski review panel is located on the right side of the forest and the broad, slightly overgrown path in the middle of the wide ski slope is not immediately recognized as a mobile variant. At the beginning of the path down on the slope has a little something about a very broad single trail up to a few hundred meters away again a normal forest road begins. At kilometer 2.8 you reach the Mörsbachalm-road on which we bike descend towards to the finish in the center of Donnersbachwald.

The variant 2 is shown in red in Google map and elevation profile. On the green-marked area in the Google map I have seen no sign of the mountain bike tour. The description on the information folders I read until after the MTB - Tour. So I started up the slope about 400m further. Since the slope at this point has an average of 23% and peak a little over 25% are extremely high, I had to search a cool, shady place to cool down and look at the landscape around Donnersbachwald". Good stamina mountain biker can go through this slope. Since no large stones on the road and the underground, is firm. After the ascent, you reach the exit of the mountain bike tour No.4 - Mörsbachhüttentour, along which you will meet back to Donnersbachwald the finish of this wonderfully challenging mountain bike ride.

To ensure we cyclists and mountain bikers in Donnersbach im Ennstal continue the wonderful opportunity offered to exercise formally in such a beautiful valley of the Austrian Alps to our beloved sport of mountain biking, it is of extremely great importance that keep all of us on the following rules and agreements . For, in addition to tourism, as elsewhere, hunting, forestry and agriculture in Donnersbachwald is important too. We must understand and respect the interests of farmers, forest owners, foresters and hunters.

  • Opening times: Mid-May to late September from 8-18 Clock
  • Hikers have priority: We drive carefully and select our speed so that we can stop at any time if necessary. Pedestrians to pass more slowly, and we are paying particular attention to children, the speeds and distances can not yet assess how we adults. A friendly welcome and a "thank you" when the walkers pave the way to help the mutual understanding and thus the image of mountain bikers.
  • Respect for nature: We only drive during daylight hours and keep to the specified opening times. In the woods we go no earlier than 3 hours after it has become clear and leave the forest again and 3 hours before dark. We take our garbage with us again and avoid unnecessary noise. We leave nothing but our tire tracks and only take with our impressions. During braking, we sure do not block the wheels.
  • We drive on the roads and paths on which allows mountain biking and cycling specifically, or is not prohibited. We never run wild through the woods. There are many special downhill trails in Austria.
  • Uphill, it is also very important to set up the helmet.

  • We are approaching the grazing in the slow tempo and prevent possible panic reactions. Also, we once again close the pasture gate very carefully. In encounters with wild animals, we adhere to in order to give them the opportunity to remove themselves without panic.
  • The bike tour to prepare well: Take a cell phone, tools, and a small pharmacy with an emergency. Before beginning the bike tour, we look for options again if our bike is technically ok. To us not technically or stamina to overwhelm us, we inform in advance about the bike tour and observe the weather, which is in high alpine terrain, the weather turn very quickly. When a storm was coming, then we are looking for a suitable shelter in time. Before ascending the difficult passages of the doubt and just push the bike.

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