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Opening times: 1. June to 31. October -

2 hours after sunrise to 1 hour before sunset.

MTB Windischgarsten Langfirst auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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The MTB Tour Windischgarsten Langfirst in the National Park Kalkalpen (limestone alps) is a beautiful, medium mountain bike tour. On sunny weather, the 31.6 km not to create up to 2 hours because there are simply too many wonderful vantage points where you must stay. The MTB Tour Langfirst is an official tour but unfortunately not signposted. The first time you have to fully rely on the GPS, or study a few times on the map.

The tour begins in the center of Windischgarsten on the main road from the Tourist Office (Information Centre). After the first 160m in north-westerly direction you turn right into the Salzatal. After 1.9 km turn right in the district Mayrwinkl towards "Salzahütte". The first 2.5 km are paved and have only a few altimeters. After the barrier, the forest road starts on the Wurbauerkogel. A few hundred meters after the hut Salzahütte followed by a 400m long single trail easy-to-traveled trail leads gently downhill. After 6 km, ending the forest road and flows into the asphalt road towards ORF Channel Kleinerberg. This body is also somewhat confusing map, but you need only 2 times, turn left uphill.

At km 7.3 is a small chapel at the left you continue on the paved road. Up there, the slopes are still very pleasant. Before the area of the National Park Kalkalpen Haslersgatter (km9 - 1.150 m) is reached, one has to cope with an average of 15% incline on a gravel road the most difficult section of the Mountain - Tour Windischgarsten. Short sections of which have up to 22%. After the breather on Haslersgatter is some 88 Hm and 1.3 km uphill to the highest point of the MTB Tour Windischgarsten after 10.3 km. From here you get the best view-points on the Dead Mountains, National Park Kalkalpen, as the Haslersgatter is still in the woods. The 5.5 kilometers to the Dörflmoaralm are very light and only after the barriers Hanselreith up to the pastures Hanslalm and Dörflmoaralm a significant short pitch. On the 2.5 km long descent to the hut Zickerreith please watch out for hikers, the hike from the Hengstpaß to the pasture Dörflmoaralm.

After Zickerreith we turn to the left and up on the Hengstpaßroad. After 300m at the pass turn right into the direction Egglalm. Until Egglalm the single road is paved. 200m after the Egglalm the slight increase on the dirt road to turn left. Approximately 800m after the Egglalm shortly after the start of the descent you have to turn left at the first right turn on the rocky and steep forest trail down to the valley Innerrosenau. This technically a little difficult forest road is one kilometer long and has a mean slope of 19%. Please also watch the gate that is in this section.

Before the last 8 km long section along the paved road to Windischgarsten, one has at the Lambergerteich in Innerrosenau still a very good refreshment facilities. Also in Windischgarsten there after the tour, some very good pubs and restaurants with nice terraces.

Out of respect for the animals in the National Park Kalkalpen is the mountain bike tour Windischgarsten - Langfirst only open from 1. June to 31. October in the period between two hours after sunrise to 1 hour before sunset. In particular, the grouse is highly susceptible to disturbance. And to the reproductive phase of the largest grouse in central Europe does not seem to bother you please as a responsible mountain bikers to the opening times.

Moreover, should any visitors to the Limestone Alps National Park will consider the following rules to ensure that the natural beauty remains and will continue to receive the generations after us will get the chance to enjoy them fully.

  • For the protection of nature, all visitors - walkers, riders and mountain bikers, don't leave the predetermined paths and routes and not open any new routes.
  • Do not throw away garbage.
  • Dogs must be on a leash.
  • Avoid unnecessary noise.
  • Do not crush or uproot plants.
  • The tents and camps in the Limestone Alps National Park is prohibited.

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