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Venue of the great mountain bike marathon is Bad Goisern in the Salzkammergut - District Gmunden - Upper Austria - Austria.

The Salzkammergut Trophy is much more than just a mountain bike marathon. This grand event has evolved thanks to the strong commitment of all participants to a mega event around the entire sport of mountain biking.

Just 2 kilometers after the start of Bad Goisern begins the first of the two big climbs on the district Herndl up to just over 1000m to the "Waldgraben". You should necessarily go your own pace at the beginning of the Salzkammergut Trophy and keep up not with fast mountain bikers. In the first kilometers, there are a few hard climbs, with about 20% slope. And a mountain bike marathon is not won because it goes right from the start with full throttle. In the first refreshment station "Waldgraben" on the route C of the Salzkammergut Trophy, you reach the Ausseerland - the province of Styria. The section after the Dietrichskogel to Blaa Alm is released only for the Salzkammergut Trophy. Along the slopes in the ski area "Loser" near Altaussee is a very steep descent. After a simple, short climb before the "Blaa Alm" it goes down to the pasture "Rettenbachalm" back into the province of Upper Austria. For the second refreshment station "Rettenbachalm" you can enhance something before it goes up into a strenuous ascent to "Hütteneckalm". But do not eat too much, because after the "Rettenbachalm" you only going for about 3 kilometers down before the pitch starts to the "Hütteneckalm".

After the bridge over the creek "Rettenbach" begins the long ascent to "Grabenbachalm and Hütteneckalm". With a full stomach you can not handle this pitch so well. Shortly before and after the "Hütteneckalm" there are a few technically difficult sections on the Salzkammergut Trophy. Not so experienced mountain bikers should slide the mountain bike a few meters. On the descent from the pasture "Hütteneckalm" to Lauffen down there are some very beautiful and interesting single-track trails in the mountain bike marathon. Northeast of Bad Goisern, you drive through the "Ewige Wand", probably the most interesting section of the entire Salzkammergut Trophy. In the nearly vertical wall, a narrow road was blown out, which you can navigate easily. In addition, there is in the "Ewigen Wand", a beautiful view of Bad Goisern.

In Lauffen you will cross the river Traun after you've gone down a short staircase between the houses. The last 9 kilometers from Lauffen to Bad Goisern to the finish of the Salzkammergut Trophy - Route C, takes you on very fine narrow paths along the river Traun.

Every mountain biker should ever ride in the Salzkammergut Trophy. Already at the start you get the feeling that many are organizing here, must be even enthusiastic mountain bikers. And at the finish then you have the assurance that they can get not only a marathon, but were also a great adventure. Even the mayor of Bad Goisern has brilliant mastered the Salzkammergut Trophy - track C. Many aid workers along the marathon one was piloted not only on the right track, but also rewarded with applause and cheered. The very friendly staff at the aid stations were very helpful, despite the general hustle and bustle of a race. Thus, for example, some  Cycling glasses have been cleaned. Especially during the first climb and return from Lauffen to Bad Goisern, there were many enthusiastic spectators. The tourism business in the regions Salzkammergut and Ennstal create more and more holiday offers that are specially adapted to mountain bikers. Thus, there is not just this one event. Mountainbiker are a welcome guest in the Salzkammergut and Ennstal. In combination with the perfect organization, the Salzkammergut Trophy is not only in Austria, one of the most popular mountain bike events. The 3400 starters from 26 nations will be probably more in the next few years.

As is well known and loved the Salzkammergut Trophy is to prove the prominent starters on the line B: Gilberto Simoni, Leonardo Paez, Verbnjak Heinz, Roland Stauder, etc.

Already on arrival there was the first positive surprises. In the huge tent at the market, the race was broadcast live all day long on a . Motocross riders have to go with helmet cameras on the tracks. The ceremonies could easily follow on the big TVs. Via Bluetooth you could download a one-minute trailer of the Salzkammergut Trophy on mobile phones. Depending on your phone, it is possible to use the trailer as a ringtone or video ringtone. The time to start, I cut off with a tour of the numerous exhibitors and sponsors. The main tent was located on the main square in Bad Goisern in addition to the start / finish area. The last driver of the route A have been received with applause even after 21 clock by hundred spectators. In the tent there were a great variety of different foods. No one had to stand in the rain, because in the huge tent, there was insufficient space.

Because it was my first mountain bike marathon, I went my own pace at the beginning. Some wanted to ride in the front, and after 5 kilometers some were completely k.o . At the middle of the race, during the ascent to "Hütteneckalm" I went to my limits. Then I was able to overtake many mountain bikers.

The unpaved roads were something new for me. Since it has rained in the morning for an hour, they were still wet. That is why some passages (ca.300m for security reasons) were made on foot. It has probably made such great fun because of the interesting and varied problems and the "Ewige Wand" in the municipality of Bad Goisern was anyway a unique experience. Who only bike on the forest roads can visit a course, if you come a few days before to Bad Goisern. There are also packages for the whole family. Information under Look at the list on the homepage of the organizer with the spare parts and tools and take it away. There were some tire failures.

Much praise for the very exciting, varied route and the accuracy of the height profile. Every starter got a weatherproof plastic card with the height profile and the emergency number that we also attached to the start number on the handlebars. The route C of the 11th Salzkammergut Trophy 2008 consisted of 10% paved roads - 76% of gravel roads and 14% single-track trails (in the height profile shown in red). The time limits in the Salzkammergut Trophy are measured really generous. If you find it does not matter whether you get 900s or 1200s, you need no hurry on the points of care and can short stop at some of the many interesting, magnificent scenery points of the Salzkammergut Trophy.

In the choice of route one must note that a mountain bike marathon is at least 2 times as strenuous as a cycling marathon with a racing bike.

A day after the Salzkammergut Trophy started for me already preparing for the 12.Salzkammergut Trophy 2009th. With the aim to start next year on the line B of this wonderful MTB Bike Marathon. Some sections closed for cycling on the rest of the year. So if you want to bike under the on this mountain bike tour year you need a good map to bypass the blocked roads.

For the disabled athlete there was a separate rating. It was interesting that you can go mountain biking on a unicycle. For children and adolescents, 7 to 17 years, there was a special Sunday Junior Trophy with MTB routes of about 1-18 km. Also on Sunday was organized the unicycle downhill in Gosau. The Salzkammergut Trophy is a 3-day event with an extensive and interesting program.

Downhill from the Blaa Alm to Rettenbachalm Part 1

Downhill from the Blaa Alm to Rettenbachalm Part 2

Single trail in front of the "Ewige Wand" above Bad Goisern

Trough "Ewige Wand"

Single tracks from "Ewige Wand" to Lauffen Part 1

Single tracks from "Ewige Wand" to Lauffen Part 2

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