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The Viehbergalm MTB Tour is also a component of the Mountain - Touring - MTB Alps Tour Austria and the Dachstein round. Therefore, it is already known to many mountain bikers. On this beautiful scenery, impressive mountain bike ride you will always meet some like-minded people.
This time I chose Gröbming as a starting point for the Viehbergalm tour. The first 6 kilometers to Gröbming Winkl be slightly uphill, and also in the early morning hours when temperatures are not yet high, perfect for warming up. Even here you have a wonderful view from the bottom of the mountains: Kammspitze, Stoderzinken.

Immediately after the Kneipp facility starts the climb through the "ovens" (Gröbminger Öfen). The hardest test for this tour. The slope is 500m long (max. 25% - average 20%). This is the single-lane paved road makes it a bit easier, but it is nevertheless a real fitness test. After 6 tight bends and 5 wooden bridges we have done it. And as each pulse is very high, you can rest on the next flat section. In general, there are on the rise until Viehbergalm many short, steep parts up to 15% and then flat sections. An ideal interval training. The higher the easier the trip. The forest road will be also better. If the gravel is from the bottom rough in some places it is up finer and firmer. During the break on the managed Viehbergalm there are many regional delicacies and the best view of the whole bike tour.

From Viehbergalm to Bad Mitterndorf is the path first with 40 meters uphill (to 1494m) before the descent start. Again, there are lots of great vantage points for example on the mountain Kammspitze, the Tauplitzalm, Salza artificial lake, etc. Regard! Shortly before you reach the end of the exit you have to stand in front of a barrier.
Who this bike tour is too short can easily combine the Viehbergalm MTB Tour with the Grimming MTB Tour or the Spechtensee MTB Tour.

The road along the Salzastausee (lake with power station) back into the Ennstal offers many interesting, unique scenic attractions. After the short, steep descent to Krottendorf at St. Martin am Grimming cross the Enns valley federal road and drive back over the slight incline Mitterberg to Gröbming.

The Viehbergalm between Gröbming in the Enns valley and Bad Mitterndorf in Ausseerland located in an area of about 10km ² and belongs to the municipality of Gröbming. The vast majority of which is covered by forest. On the Viehbergalm there are 8 huts and grazing rights for 210 cows, 32 pigs and 120 head of young stock. Owner of the Viehbergalm is the Austrian Federal Forests. The first documented mention was in 1468. But the Viehbergalm has probably been inhabited by humans much earlier. Then the finds of Roman coins in excavations and rock carvings of the salt-makers in Bad Aussee to interpret. Because the Alps mountain biking tour Austria and the Dachstein mountain bike round leading the Viehbergalm, some huts, such as The Ritzingerhütte have some special offers for mountain bikers. Biker menu, tool service and weather information. For mountain bikers and hikers, there are 8 beds to sleep on the Viehbergalm.

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