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 Altaussee - Bad Goisern      54 Km / 1.719 m

The MTB Tour Altaussee - Bad Goisern is a challenging - moderate Mountain bike tour in the scenic, unique, beautiful, Austrian Salzkammergut - Ausseerland. But not only when you love beautiful views, you will enjoy this mountain bike tour. The long single trail before and after the "Ewigen Wand" - eternal wall, and the passage in the eternal wall in Bad Goisern are challenging and very interesting. A very great mountain bike experience.


 Dachstein    167 km / 2.172 m

One of the most beautiful bike tours around the Dachstein, the highest mountain in Styria. You drive on this bike ride through the 3 provinces of Styria, Salzburg and Upper Austria. The Dachstein, Hallstatt and the Salzkammergut region belong to the world heritage of UNESCO. Even the Ennstal in Styria and the Pongau in Salzburg are beautiful. It contains no great passes. This makes the Dachstein bike for less-trained amateur cyclists very interesting.


 Glocknerkönig 2008    27 Km / 1.663 m 

The "Glocknerkönig" is a heavy bike race on one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Austria - the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. The start is in Bruck an der Glocknerstraße - Salzburg. The Glocknerkönig cycling marathon is the first 10 km relatively flat until the last 17 km long increase with 12%. And the air is noticeably thinner from 2000Hm. There are also a short distance from the toll in Ferleiten. But in principle, everyone has no matter whether professional or amateur to complete the same marathon.


 Hallstatt     71 Km / 2.045 m

The MTB Tour of Hallstatt is certainly one of the most scenic mountain bike tours in the Alps. With a length of 71 kilometers and 2045 meters, the mountain bike tour in the central Salzkammergut - Bad Goisern / Hallstatt / Gosau / Austria be classified as a serious MTB Tour for hobby biker. Due the scenic beauty of the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut region and the large supply of official mountain bike trails, the area around Hallstatt, Bad Goisern and Gosau is very popular for mountain bikers.


 Kresl Round      29,7 Km / 988 m

Especially the longer version with the huts - Loseggalm and Mahdalm is highly recommended, because of the two nice huts and the beautiful landscape at the base of the mountains - Gosaukamm and Bischofsmütze. This Bike tour is suitable for all bikers, because there are no technically challenging trails, no steep climbs, but only asphalt and gravel roads.


 Mödlingerhütte       8 Km / 801 m

The MTB Tour Mödlingerhütte is one of the hardest mountain bike tours. Above the Mödlingerhütte you are rewarded with a beautiful view. Despite the strenuous ascent to recommend for all mountain bikers.


 Planai      32,9 Km / 1.163 m

The MTB Tour Planai is an official and as "02 Planai - Round" well marked mountain bike tour in Schladming - Dachstein Tauern Region. The starting point and goal of this scenic, charming MTB - Tour the station Planai, on the outskirts of Schladming / Ennstal / Styria / Austria. Except for the downhill stretch on the final slope of this mountain bike tour Planai requires no special technical skills. And the final part on the downhill track can be avoided very easily.


 Puerto de Mogan    74 Km / 1.015 m

Although the cycling tour in Gran Canaria is situated on the coast it is not an easy bike tour. Because it is on the coast of Gran Canaria almost continuously uphill and downhill. Makes it a total of just over 1000 Hm The port city of Puerto de Mogan in the west of Gran Canaria is just so beautiful that it is worth every meter.


 Salzkammergut          134 km /1.217 m      

The bike tour with the 4 lakes in the picturesque Salzkammergut is one of the best cycling tours I've ever driven. Beautiful streets, lakes, good air, gorgeous scenery and good weather. All the ingredients for the perfect day in the life of a cyclist.


 Salzkammergut Trophy 2008     53 Km / 1.663 m

In the Salzkammergut Trophy in 2010, there are 5 sections. 26,6 kilometers 53,1 kilometers ca.70km 109,7 kilometers and incredible 208,7 kilometers. The mega event around the mountain bike sport. Many other starters thought that the biggest mountain bike marathon in austria is also the best. Over 3400 starters from 26 nations are further evidence of this. And the landscape of the Salzkammergut region around the Dachstein is really beautiful.


 Schladming Dachstein      53,9 Km / 1.276m

The mountain bike tour of Schladming, Birnberg, Ramsau am Dachstein to Türlwandhütte at the foot of the Dachstein and back over Mandling to Schladming is marked as a panorama round and is fully adapted to this title. Besides the many excellent vantage points there are on this tour at the Dachstein mountain bike tour. A short single trail through a meadow is very interesting, but not steep and not difficult.



 Sölkpaß       30 Km / 987-1.218m

The Sölkpass is a difficult mountain pass road and is only recommended for well-trained cyclists. The last 4 kilometers to its summit require a high mental strength. Unfortunately, many motorcycle ride through the Sölkpass, as it is in summer a beautiful connection between the Enns valley and Mur valley. Nevertheless, I think that the Sölkpass our best pass road in the district Liezen. 


 Spechtensee        49 Km / 680 m

To be in the beautiful landscape around the Spechtensee, is always a very pleasant experience. The Spechtensee is located in Austria - Styria - Liezen - Ennstal. The tour by mountain bike from Wörschach to the Spechtensee is much harder than from Tauplitz. By Tauplitz you could also go with the racing wheel to Spechtensee, as the road to Wörschachwald and Spechtensee is paved. 


 Totes Gebirge     206 Km / 2.144 m        

The bicycle tour around the Dead Mountains in Upper Styria and Upper Austria has no passes wich is higher than 1.000m, but the small increases have also 2.144 meters in altitude. Due to the length of 206 kilometers, it is clearly assessed for amateur rider with the degree of difficulty of 5 +. As a reward for all the effort, the cyclists will find a variety of attractions. For Example - Grimming, Ausseerland, UNESCO Natural Heritage Region Hallstatt, Bad Goisern, Bad Ischl, Traunsee, Gmunden and the views of the mountains of the Kalkalpen National Park.


 Viehbergalm      40 Km / 1.039 m

A very famous and popular mountain bike tour between Grobming and Bad Mitterndorf. It is also part of the Alps Tour and the Dachstein mtb round. A very beautiful scenic tour. The Viehbergalm is managed and a very good opportunity for a relaxing break with the super scenery of the Kammspitze. and Dachstein Glacier. 


 Zwölferhorn     21,5 Km / 1.007m                                                   

The MTB Tour Zwölferhorn in the beautiful austrian region Salzkammergut starts in Brunn near the lake Wolfgangsee. It's a very well-marked, official mountain bike tour in the state of Salzburg. The single-lane toll road is paved on the first 1.2 km and then a dirt road leads up to the pasture Illingeralm. There are two very interesting single-trails near the mountain Pillsteinhöhe and a fantastic downhill after the inn Sausteigalm.


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