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The longest mountain bike tour in Obertauern is made up of four different mountain bike tours 

  • with 43 kilometers and 1.879 vertical meters. There are two difficult sections: The steep dirt road up to the Grünwaldsee and the section from ​​the Hintergnadenalm back up to Obertauern. Near the waterfall - Johnannesfall, you have to carry your bike a few hundred meters on the hike trail. Between Felseralm and Tauernhof it is also advisable to walk with your bike a few hundred meters on the trail. You do not have to bike the two difficult sections. You can also drive up from the Gnadenalm to Obertauern on the Katschberg road.

    The MTB marathon begins with the Three Lakes tour in the center of Obertauern at 1.738m. First, you drive on the Katschberg road 1.3 km towards Radstadt and then right up to the Flubachalm. Immediately after the Flubachalm the gravel road has an average gradient of 16% - max. about 20%. After not very easy 3.6 km we are on the lake - Grünwaldsee 1.938m and enjoy the wonderful views. After the short break, you can drive around the lake. Past the hut - Hochalm we climb up again 60 altimeters and reach above the lake - Krumschnabelsee with 2.004m not only the highest but also one of the most beautiful vantage points of all mountain bike tours in Obertauern. The descent down to the hotel - Seekarhaus has a length of 1.5 km and with an average gradient of 13% only slightly flatter than it was at the driveway. Although the single-lane road is paved, but many of the loose gravel does not allow high speeds. In the final section we pass at km 7 the third lake - Hundsfeldsee. Without a further steep descent, we comfortably bike down to Obertauern. After 8.8 km, we are back at the starting point. Here you have already the opportunity to replenish food and drinks before the second part of the mountain bike tour begins.

    Similar to the Three Lakes tour we drive down the Katschberg road and then towards to Flubachalm. But a few hundred meters before the Flubachalm we turn left and follow the dirt road. At the hotel – Glöcknerin we return to the Katschberg road. 100m before the bridge –  Gnadenbrücke you reach the exit on the right side to the hut - Tauernkaralm. The gravel road to Tauernkaralm is 4.5 km long and has an average gradient of about 9%. As well as cars use this road, please drive carefully. After 20km we reach the lake - Tauernkarsee and 600m later the managed hut - Tauernkaralm. About half of the tour, we enjoy not only the wonderful views and clean mountain air, but also eat some delicious meals Salzburg. The same gravel road we drive back down to the bridge - Gnadenbrücke.

Directly at the bridge - Gnadenbrücke we turn left and continue after 200m the also managed hut - Vordergnadenalm. The Gnadenalm we already know very well from the beautiful cross country ski trails and an interesting night toboggan run. The next 2 km we bike uphill through the alpine pasture to the hut - Hintergnadenalm. Here starts the 4 km long and with 12% not very easy increase up to the hut – Südwiener Hütte 1.802m. With great thirst, we reach the hut on the saddle of the mountain pasture -  Oberpleisling Alm. Along with many hikers we invite our batteries again and are fascinated by the beauty of the mountains. Then we bike down on the same gravel road that requires good tires and a not too high tire pressure. A few meters after the hut - Hintergnadenalm we have to decide whether we continue the tour as described here, or bike to Vordergnadenalm and then up on the Katschberg road back to Obertauern.

The last part of this mountain bike tour is also the hardest. Not only that, the first two shallower kilometers are technically more demanding, you must carry up your bike on the steep hike trail near the waterfall – Johannesfall 200-300m. In any case, you should make a short detour to the very interesting waterfall. For as many known, the air near a waterfall is ionized very high and the recovery will help you safely on the last kilometers. After 37km you have again the possibility to turning to the left and bike back the last few kilometers on the Katschberg road. All Intrepid continues the tour on the road to the sports hotel - Felseralm. Between the hotels Felseralm and Tauernhof there is no road and you have to walk with your mountain bike around 500m on the hike trail. There are no large height differences in this section. From Tauernhof towards Obertauern it goes first slightly downhill before we drive up the last meters to Obertauern.

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