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Gmunden Salzkammergut Radweg auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 The very nice trip in the region Salzkammergut on the lakes Attersee and Traunsee has a length of 95.7 Km. Who wants to look after the return to Gmunden on the Salzkammergut Cycle Path R2 nor the eastern shore of Lake Traunsee to the landing at the inn Hoisn drives additional 11 very beautiful kilometers. Because of the very hilly landscape in the first section of Traunsee to Attersee and along  the Attersee to Unterach am Attersee this bike tour has a total of 1172 vertical meters. Up to a 250m long dirt track in Altenberg (Attersee), the bike tour is fully paved. This is even with the road bike a highly recommended tour if you want to avoid the main roads.

At the start on the promenade in Gmunden, we have a particularly good view of the picturesque lake castle - Ort. The most famous sight on Lake Traunsee dates from the 10th Century and is one of the oldest buildings in the Salzkammergut region. After 600 meters we turn on the Salzkammergut Cycle R2 to the right. Immediately follows the first climb of about 70 vertical meters up to Steinbichl. On the first 24 kilometers to Seewalchen am Attersee we see many beautiful small villages in the region Upper Austria Salzkammergut. Quite unlike the cycle tour around the Attersee the Salzkammergut Cycle Path R2 runs west from the Attersee only a few kilometers along the coast and on the Attersee Lake Road. So we drive in Seewalchen 6 km up to Berg in Attergau. In this section we will reach at 639m the highest point and you have to overcome some short, challenging climbs. In the following 9 kilometers you’ll bike mostly downhill to Nussdorf am Attersee. Alternately on the side streets and the road Atterseestraße we arrive at 48 kilometers Unterach am Attersee.

At the exit in Unterach am Attersee in direction to Weissenbach am Attersee we leave the Salzkammergut Cycle R2. On the next 19.5 km through the valley Weißenbachtal we follow the cycle path R15. The first 6 km of Unterach until Weissenbach am Attersee we drive along a very scenic road, mostly on the non-busy road - Seeleitenstraße and on a bike path. 700m of the intersection in Weissenbach am Attersee the R15 cycle runs about 3 kilometers on a gravel road. Since we are traveling with road bikes, we stay on the road and drive the 8-kilometer-long, very gentle slope up with a total of approximately 100 vertical meters. The following descent down to Mitterweissenbach is 5.5 km long. From Mitterweißenbach towards Ebensee we drive again on the well-developed Salzkammergut Cycle Path R2. Along the Traun River the tour lead 7 kilometers easily downhill. At Km 75 the Salzkammergut Cycle Path R2 turns to the right and we go through the subway without crossing the road on the road  - Langwiesstraße on the left side of the valley. 5 km later we go through Ebensee and back to the lake -  Traunsee. On the bike path we are now driving 15 kilometers beside the beautiful lake Traunsee back to the starting point in Gmunden. Here ist he village - Traunkirchen a scenic highlight. Whoever has not enough, can drive a flat, 11km long bonus tour on the Salzkammergut Cycle Path R2 of Gmunden to the boat landing at the inn – Hoisn on the eastern shore. It is also the possible to cross the lake - Traunsee with a boat of Ebensee or Traunkirchen to the inn Hoisn and then with the bicycle back to Gmunden.

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