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 This bike ride on the Salzkammergut Cycle Path R2 leads us first from the lake Mondsee to the lake Irrsee. Next it goes on the 97.8 km long loop through the beautiful Austrian region Salzkammergut to Straßwalchen and then to the next lake Mattsee. There we drive between the lakes Mattsee, the Grabensee and the Obertrumer See and then to the outskirts of Salzburg. The bike tour leads us also to Eugendorf, Thalgau and then in the end we come back to Mondsee. With very few exceptions, the entire Salzkammergut cycle path R2 runs always on paved roads with very little traffic. There are no long, hard climbs, so this bike tour is suitable for anyone who has the appropriate stamina. Those short sections that are not paved, I have shown in blue in the Google Map. Cyclists need to drive around there (orange line on the Google Map).

We begin this Salzkammergut cycling tour in Mondsee - Upper Austria. Mondsee is also the start and finish of the cycle marathon Mondsee 5 lakes with thousands of cyclists every year. The lake Mondsee is up to 26 degrees the warmest lake in the whole region Salzkammergut. Mondsee is ideally suited as a starting point for those who swim in the lake after the bike ride, or want to take a sun bath. The first 1.4 km towards the second lake Irrsee is with an average 3.5% a little uphill. On very beautiful side streets you will reach the Irrsee after 7 kilometers, who accompanied us to km 12 on the right side. A look back is also worthwhile here since the very nice view extends to the mountains Schafberg near St. Wolfgang and the glacier Dachstein. After Irrsee it goes on the bike ride a little uphill and then always easy downhill until Straßwalchen – Km 20. On the very good marked bike tour we achieve on beautiful, very quiet side streets the villages Köstendorf, Fischbach and then after 30km Schleedorf. Up to Schleedorf there is a 2km long slope with average 5%. From Schleedorf the racing driver must drive 4 kilometers long another route. Since the Salzkammergut cycle path is not paved shortly after Schleedorf to approximately one kilometer and the gravel road is not suitable for road bikes. The cyclists take here the road “Köstenberger Landesstraße” northeast of the lakes - Egelseen down to Mattsee. From km 34 all other cyclists also drive on the Salzkammergut Cycle Path on the road “Köstenberger Landesstraße” down to Mattsee. On the descent to Mattsee there is a small parking lot next to the road with an excellent view of the three lakes. Between the beautiful Salzkammergut lakes – Mattsee, Grabensee and Obertrumersee we drive for 10 kilometers long, a small loop next to the lakes to Obertrum am See.

After the three-kilometer long slope with an average of 3%, you’ll reach in Mödlham the half-time of this wonderful Salzkammergut bike tour. Before the departure to Anthering we make a long break with good views to Salzburg. Between Bergheim bei Salzburg and Km 65.5 just after the highway underpass the bike path not marked as Salzkammergut cycle path. Therefore you need a GPS device, or a good map. The second diversion in Bergheim bei Salzburg is for cyclists not absolutely necessary, as the muddy dirt road is in dry weather also passable for racing bikes with some caution. You must be careful on km 62.3 as the bike path is described along the road in a northeasterly direction to Mattsee also as Salzkammergut Cycle Path Re. We do not go back towards Elixhausen and Mattsee but we drive in a southeasterly direction as far as 500 meters after the highway underpass. From the district Langwied in the city Salzburg is the Salzkammergut Cycle R2 in the direction of Eugendorf, Thalgau and Mondsee again very well marked. The height difference of 120m is spread over a total of 9 kilometers and the slope with a maximum of 2-3% is possible for anyone. After Eugendorf is a short downhill and 6 kilometers later we reach in Neuhofen with 639m the highest point on the Salzkammergut bike tour. The last 17.5 km down to Thalgau and back to the lake Mondsee are always slightly sloping. This tour, I recommend you not only because of the beautiful scenery, but also because the bike paths leads always far from the main traffic.

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