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 The Salzkammergut Cycle Path of Trautenfels to Hallstatt has a length of 51.1 kilometers and a total vertical drop of 699m. The bike path is marked in Styria as “Salzkammergut Radweg R19” and in Upper Austria as “Salzkammergut Radweg R2”. There are some sections with gravel roads, so the overall trail is not suitable for race bicycles. For those I have an own version. In the Google Map there are all paved sections blue and the gravel roads blue. Except the road over the pass “Koppenpass” you’ll drive pass the region Salzkammergut on nice bike paths or very low-traffic side streets.

We start the bicycle tour right at the castle “Schloß Trautenfels” in the Styrian Ennsvalley. On the first 2.3 kilometers from Trautenfels to Untergrimming you can warm up, because the bike path leads just slightly uphill. Quite different are the 300m right after the village Untergrimming. With an average of 15%, there is the first and after easier 1.500 meters follows the second grueling climb "Old Klachau". But do not worry you've already done after 6 kilometers, the two worst climbs. At km 9.5 we cross the famous ski jump at the hill - Kulm and go on the bike path next to the village Krungl. Between Krungl and Bad Mitterndorf there is a slight slope of about 20 vertical meters. Who has a lot of time, I can recommend the hut “Steirerhütte” with traditional and best culinary foods, 500m after we pass the center in Bad Mitterndorf. Next on the Salzkammergut cycle path we drive then three kilometers past beautiful lawns. After the underpass on the main road, we reach the very interesting village - Obersdorf. In addition to the old, well-kept houses, especially the pilgrimage church – Maria Kumitz, who was built on the hill, is very interesting. With a high of 860m after 21 kilometers you’ll reach in Obersdorf the highest point on this Salzkammergut bike path. In the next 12 kilometers until Bad Aussee all roads are slightly downhill with some short exceptions. At km 22.8 and 300m later we turn twice to the left. The Salzkammergut cycle path leads us past the snack station Stieger away from the traffic through the region - Ausseerland to the next community - Pichl-Kainisch. After 26.8 kilometers ends the paved road and if you're traveling with a race bike you have to turn right and follow the bike path - Ausseer cycle path R61 on an another variant of the Salzkammergut Cycle Path.

All others turn left and stay on the marked - Salzkammergut Cycle Path R19. Even after 200m we turn sharply to the right and strengthen us a little after 500m at the inn "Zur Fischerin”. All who like fish should eat, just as well as in the hut “Steirerhütte” offered the excellent fish dishes. Until shortly before Bad Aussee we drive on a nice gravel road slightly downhill and in Bad Aussee after 33.3km we turn to the left on the non-busy street - Koppenstraße. Immediately after the railway station in Bad Aussee, we drive up a 400m long, challenging climb. Then until km 37.3 and before we turn to the right, the road is very comfortable. On the following dirt road we drive downhill rapidly over the border between Styria and Upper Austria down to the river - Traun and cross them at a specially bridge for cyclists. On the remaining tour to Hallstatt we follow now the signs "Salzkammergut Cycle Path R2". When you reach the road “Hallstättersee Straße”, you can shorten the bike tour a little bit when you’ll turn to the right. But then you’re missing the 3km long, lovely gravel road to the pasture - Koppenwinkelalm and the lake – Koppenwinkellacke.. Back on the main road there are only 2 km to Obertraun and the famous lake - Hallstättersee. The beach at Lake Hallstatt in Obertraun is only 400m away and highly recommended if you want to spend a peaceful time 5km before the finish in Hallstatt.

The community Hallstatt is located on lake – Hallstättersee, at the foot of the Dachstein glacier in Upper Austria's region Salzkammergut and consists of the districts: Hallstatt, Lahn, Gosauzwang and Salzberg. Hallstatt is situated at an altitude of 510m and has a total of about 900 inhabitants. Best known is the district Hallstatt with its houses built close together between the lake and the steep cliffs next to the 5.9 km long and 2.3 km wide Lake Hallstättersee. The area of ​​Lake Hallstättersee is 8.55 km ². Hallstatt has been appointed as well as the glacier Dachstein of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. A time period of the previous Iron Age was called as Hallstatt period, because of the grave finds. Since a few thousand years salt is mined in Hallstatt. Only since the end of the 19th Century, a road leads up to Hallstatt, which was being partially blown up out of the rock. Before Hallstatt was only accessible by boat. Of particular interest is a guide in the salt mine with the Great Salt Lake, the 64m long slide, salt crystal chamber with lots of information about salt mining.

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