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The Bike & MTB Tour Rohrmoos Untertal starts in Schladming where many parking spaces are available. Up to kilometer 14, you can also go by bike because the road is paved until the the inn - Gasthaus Riesachfall. The road toll in Rohrmoos-Untertal I had to pay not as a cyclist. The blue line on the Google Map refers to the bike tour and the green lines are only suitable for mountain bikers. Right next to the local exit in Schladming, start the 10% pitch up to Rohrmoos. The average is 8%. At the first roundabout in Rohrmoos, turn left toward Obertal and Untertal. It follows a 1.7 km long run with a 6% gradient slope down, which we must take the course back up again.

Mountain bikers reach this point of Schladming through the Talbachklamm. Up to the inn - Gasthaus Riesachfall at the end of the tour are currently other rest stops - the inn Gasthof Tetter, the hut Waldhäuslalm, the inn Gasthaus Weiße Wand and the hut Sondlalm. There are no difficult climbs, and who has time can look forward to a very chilly bike ride. 

After crossing the large parking lot in front of the inn Gasthaus Riesachfall, you'll bike on a forest road into the valley - Steinriesental, which has no major climbs. The first long strenuous climb is located at the lower Steinwenderalm. Followed by a shallower increase in the final kilometer and this MTB - Tour to Rohrmoos Untertal is included then a steep incline with about 15-20%.
The mtb tour ends a little unspectacular at a carport.
Until Gollinghütte there are still about 200 altimeter, a marked hiking trail up, but with a mountain bike is not passable.
Unfortunately, it has already begun to rain before the Riesachhütte, for scenery, this tour when the sun shine would be very nice.
The area around Rohrmoos-Untertal and Schladming is also a very popular hiking area and despite the bad weather, many tourists were on the road.

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