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The MTB Tour Drachentour (Dragon Tour) is a beautiful and medium tour with starting in Mixnitz near the river mur. After the 14 km on the Breitenauerroad in the valley Roßgraben begin the long climb through the Tiefenbachvalley. The highlights are the both pastures in the Nature park - Almenland Teichalm and Tyrnaueralm.

After finding a parking space near the center of Mixnitz, or P4 in the direction Bärenschützklamm (gorge), the Dragon Tour begins at the roundabout in Mixnitz. The first 2.5 km in a northerly direction past Mautstatt are on paved roads. By Roßgraben you drive up on the Breitenauerroad to Km 13.5 through St. Jakob - Breitenau and St. Erhard on the not very busy main road. The average slope on the first 14 km to the start of Tiefenbach trench is less than 2%.

Ca. 1.5 km after St. Erhard the MTB Dragon Tour turn right into the ditch Tiefenbach. The first 2.5 km of narrow, single-lane road are still paved before the average 11% steep Rußenstraße (forestroad) continues. Biker who drive the Dragon Tour in the opposite direction must surrender the departure, unfortunately, because this forestroad may only be driven uphill. Therefore, the departure is for bikers of the Teichalmroad to St. Erhard (along the red line in the Google Map). After 19.5 km, the forestroad ends into the Teichalmroad. Until the first really good vantage point at the car park Heulantsch on 1.260m it will be only about 800m and 20 Altimeters. Heulantsch and the lake Teichalmsee are the starting points for four wonderful walks on the parture Teichalm and in the Naturepark Almenland with lengths of 10 - 24 km. The road down to the lake Teichalmsee on 1.175m is about 1 km long. By the Teichalmsee there are some restaurants where you can have a good rest. Continue along the stretch of Teichalmsee to Tyrnaueralm must be due to many hikers bike very careful and considerate. Before it goes up to the second pasture Tyrnaueralm the dirt road is interrupted by a very interesting branch. Approximately 500 meters long may you run first across a field and then straight downhill. Bur the downhill mountain biking on the not particularly steep meadow does require a bit maneuver ability. The first meters on the average 9.5% steep forestroad up to Tyrnaueralm up is also not so easy because of some roots. After 26 km you reach a few hundred meters after the Tyrnaueralm with 1.320m the highest point of the MTB Dragon Tour. The very long descent to Tyrnau witz 8.5 km is also long on a gravel road. As the cars can also drive all the way up is always likely to oncoming traffic and you must always go to half-term. After the downhill turn right. Approximately 900m further down the valley one reach the small village Tyrnau. Here one must pay attention to the fact that the Dragon Tour turn right before the football field up to Heuberg. The last of the three big climbs on this mountain bike tour is 2.2 km long and has an average gradient of about 9%. After the last 180 vertical meters starts the three kilometers long, technically less demanding and very interesting downhill to Mixnitz (see last part of the video of the MTB - Dragon Tour). After this downhill the last 1,5 km to the end of this mtb-tour are very flat. Mixnitz is a cadastral village of the community Pernegg an der Mur. The entire community Pernegg an der Mur has about 2,400 inhabitants and is located south of the district capital of Bruck an der Mur. Of economic importance is the hydraulic power station who was built in 1925.
Attractions Pernegg Mur: The about 500m long dragon cave, St. Mary Church, Castle Pernegg, and the protected gorge - Bärenschützklamm.
Activities Pernegg Mur: mountain biking, cycling on Mur bike path, Nordic walking, hiking.

The nature park Almenland is located 40 km north of Graz and is one of the largest pastures in Europe. In addition to horses and sheep graze here in the nature park Almenland 4,000 ox. Above 800 meters, they strengthen themselves in an incredible variety of lush grasses, herbs and fresh spicy water.
In 2006, the Styrian communities Arzberg, Breitenau am Hochlantsch, Fladnitz an der Teichalm, Gasen, Haslau bei Birkfeld, Hohenau an der Raab, Koglhof, Naintsch, Passail, Pernegg an der Mur, St. Kathrein am Offenegg, Tulwitz und Tyrnau where excellent from Styria with the title "Nature Park Almenland". The park stretches from ravens forest in the East to the gorge Bärenschützklamm in the west. All 13 municipalities located in Almenland and showing the similarities of landscape, are involved in the natural park Almenland.

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