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 Ausseer Bike Path R61    19,5 Km / 415 m

The beautiful and very well marked Ausseer Cycle Path R61 through the famous region Salzkammergut has a length of 19.5 kilometers and from Pichl - Kainisch to Blaa Alm moderate 415 vertical meters. Except for the last 1.5 km off the Blaa Alm are all paths and roads paved and suitable for road bikes. Scenic highlights are the lakes Grundlsee and Altausseer See and the wonderful view towards the Dachstein Glacier from the Café & Recreation Berta in Obertressen.


 Buchau      20 Km / 213- 351 m

The saddle Buchau connects Admont with St. Gallen. Slight pass road with no big climbs. Some good sights in the Styrian landscape "National Park Gesäuse".


 Dachstein       167 km / 2.172 m

One of the most beautiful bike tours around the Dachstein, the highest mountain in Styria. You drive on this bike ride through the 3 provinces of Styria, Salzburg and Upper Austria. The Dachstein, Hallstatt and the Salzkammergut region belong to the world heritage of UNESCO. Even the Ennstal in Styria and the Pongau in Salzburg are beautiful. It contains no great passes. This makes the Dachstein bike for less-trained amateur cyclists very interesting.


 Dead Mountains     206 Km / 2.144 Hm        

The bicycle tour around the Dead Mountains in Upper Styria and Upper Austria have no passes witch is higher than 1.000m, but the small increases have also 2.144 meters in altitude. Due to the length of 206 kilometers, it is clearly assessed for traines amateurs. As a reward for all the effort, the cyclists will find a variety of attractions. For Example - Grimming, Ausseerland, UNESCO Natural Heritage Region Hallstatt, Bad Goisern, Bad Ischl, Traunsee, Gmunden and the views of the mountains of the "Kalkalpen" National Park.


 Donnersbachwald - Donnersbach

The villages Donnersbach and Donnersbachwald located in a beautiful valley in Ennstal - Liezen - Styria. The Planneralm cycling tour begins in Donnersbach and with 910m altimeters at 12 kilometers is the Planneralm Bike tour an exhausting bike ride with a finish like on the mountain in the Tour de France. The bicycle tour to Donnersbachwald other hand, is much easier and suitable for every cyclist.

 Planneralm  12 Km / 910 m         Donnersbachwald   22 Km / 416 m


 Enns         68 Km / 575 m

Easy cycling tour in the Upper Styrian Enns valley with only a short climb from the Öblarn to the Mitterberg. Popular training course. If you want to skip the climb to the Mitterberg and Gröbming you can also according to Pruggern and then go back again to Liezen.


 Erb - Gesäuse      10 Km / 156 - 161 m

Slight Pass between St. Gallen and Großreifling in Upper Styria. The cycling tour in the Gesaeuse has no special difficulties. At the exit before Großreifling, there are a few tight turns.


 Gesäuse       104 Km / 1.281 m       

A bike tour without long, difficult climbs. But with many short climbs, the Gesäuse bike tour has also a total difference in altitude of 1.281m. The Gesäuse is known for its wonderful scenery and a popular hiking, cycling and recreational area, even on sunny days, several motorcycle ride through the Gesäuse - Styria - Austria.


 Graz - Plabutsch       22,3 Km / 195 m    

There are many goog starting points for the short bike ride around the Plabutsch in Graz. Especially nice is the view from the hill “Buchkogel” on Graz and a longer break at the little lake Thalersee. In the district of Graz - Eggenberg you could also visit the beautiful castle Eggenberg, located right on the bike ride. The castle Eggenberg has the largest baroque park in Styria.


 Grimming       48 Km / 447 m    

The bike tour around the Grimming in the Styrian Enns Valley and the southern edge of the Salzkammergut - Ausseerland is 48 kilometers long and has 447 Altimeter. Between Trautenfels and Klachau / Tauplitz located with the "Old Klachau" a short but challenging climb. Along the Salzastausee you need to move your road bike because of the many stones on the street. Mountainbiker should also drive carefully.    


 Haus im Ennstal       6,6 Km / 443 m         

The mountain sprint of Haus im Ennstal on the Oberhausberg to the nice inn Kemeterhof can be driven because of the well-paved street with road bike or mountain bike. The track has an average gradient of about 10% and has a splendid vantage points in the Ennsvalley, Schladming and Ramsau am Dachstein.


 Hengstpass     150 Km / 2.075 m 

Long and heavy bike ride in Styria and Upper Austria. For serious cyclists and recreational cyclists with enough condition! Pyhrnpass, Hengstpass are not difficult, but in the last third one drives over the Kaiserau. From Admont to Kaiserau the bike tour is difficult, and seven kilometers long.


 Hohentauern        32 Km / 416 - 604 m

Very difficult climb with 15% from Trieben to Hohentauern. On the south side from Oberzeiring to Hohentauern light pass road with only short climbs of about 10%. Lots of traffic, as some cars use the "Triebener Tauern" alpine road as a shortcut between the Murtal and Paltental.


 Irdning         32 Km / 602 m

Easy to moderate cycling tour around the market town of Irdning in the district Liezen -Styria / Austria. Because of of some abbreviations the difficulty can be adjusted on the cycling tour Irdning. Since the tour does not go beyond 900m, you can ride this beautiful bike tour with panoramic  of the Grimming also by us in the Enns valley starting at the beginning of April.


 Kaiserau       61 Km / 958 m      

The Kaiserau bicycle tour is in the ascent from Admont to Kaiserau, a real challenge. Good training run to prepare for a cycling marathon, or if you only have 3-4 hours of time and would like to take a nice cycling tour in the heart of Styria.


 Kleinsölk    27,8 Km / 453 m

The moderate styrian bicycle tour Kleinsölk starts in Stein an der Enns. The Tour leads into the scenically very interesting Naturepark Sölk. As the road in the valley Kleinsölk isn’t a road into an another valley, is the level of traffic very low.


 Loser     16 Km / 957 Hm 

As with 10% gradient over 8 kilometers, the Loser bike ride on the scenic road is a challenging bike ride. The road is south facing and as above, no trees are present, it is very warm on sunny days. On the Loser bicycle there is a fabulous views of the Styrian Salzkammergut and an unforgettable view of the Dachstein - the highest mountain and glacier in Styria.


 Mitterberg - Liezen       19 Km / 288 m

If, after the work is little time for training, the bike tour around the Mitterberg near Liezen is often my favourite bike tour. Because of Lassing on Mitterberg hut with a slight increase and with a long steep section of Liezen, you can divide this training wheel well.


 Nockalm - Turrach        98 km /2.789 m         

The Nockalm bike tour begins with the Turracherhöhe and will then continue on Nockalm road to Innerkrems. Return to the starting point in Predlitz is over the saddle "Schönfeld" and through the Thomatal. Not the longest but because of the 4 major climbs one of the most strenuous cycling tours. The landscape on the Nockalm Bike Tour is very nice, because they are located in the National nature reserve Nockberge.

 Oppenberg     58 Km / 1069 m     

Demanding and scenic beautiful bike ride in Upper Styria. Especially the low traffic increases the relaxation factor of this bike tour. Glorious is the scenery on this bike ride from Oppenberg after Gulling and back again over Vorberg to Aigen im Ennstal - Region Liezen - Styria - Austria.


 Pyhrnpass       16 Km / 343-365 m

Easy Pass road from Liezen and challenging bicycle tour of the hospital on Pyhrn Pyhrnpass at the border between Styria and Upper Austria. Good road, but unfortunately a lot of traffic. During the week, too many trucks.



The Pöllautal is a landscape protection area in eastern Styria with an area of 122 square kilometers and consists of the municipalities Pöllau, Pöllauberg, Rabenwald, Schönegg, and Sonnhofen Saifenboden. The hilly landscape of forests, meadows, fields and many fruit trees offers plenty of variety, beautiful views and wonderful places to stay for nature lovers. The Pöllau valley offers many opportunities for physical activity. In addition to cycling and mountain biking, these are fishing, bowling, running, Nordic walking, hiking, riding, swimming, curling, tennis, ice skating, cross country skiing, winter hiking and tobogganing. The original and rustic atmosphere is very relaxing to all visitors.

 Pöllau North  34 Km / 765 m

 Pöllauberg  13 Km / 337 m

 Pöllau South  36 Km / 1.051 m



 Schladminger Tauern        155 km /2730 Hm       

Two great passes are included in this cycling tour. First, the Sölkpass with 1.790 m in the nature reserve park Sölktal and then the Radstätter Tauernpass with 1.730 m in the popular winter resort of Obertauern. The final part of the Schladminger Tauern bike tour through the Ennstal valley is no more demanding but also very beautiful.


 Schöckl - Graz        41 km / 1025 m       

The 40km long Schöckl Biketour begins in Graz and through Stattegg you'll bike up to the hill Leber (max 28% !) after Semriach. Around the mountain Schöckl it goes back to Graz. From Semriach there are not many vantage points where you can see far into the Grazer Mountains. There are with Mühlreith, Kreuzberg and Rinnegg some very interesting, lovely villages on the Schöckl Biketour.


 Sölkpaß - Hohentauern      ca. 160 Km        

Very heavy and long bike ride. Especially in the scenic Sölkpass Stein is from both sides in the last 4 miles to the pass a major criterion. I also have really enjoyed the stretch from St. Peter to Oberwölz and by Lachtal because there only a few cars are gone. 


 Sölkpass      39 Km / 987-1.218 m

The Sölkpass is a difficult mountain pass road and is only recommended for well-trained cyclists. The last 4 kilometers to its summit require a high mental strength. Unfortunately, many motorcycle ride through the Sölkpass, as it is in summer a beautiful connection between the Enns valley and Mur valley. Nevertheless, I think that the Sölkpass our best pass road in the district Liezen.


 Stoderzinken   16km / 1.163 m      

As hard as the Sölkpaß bike tour. But a mountain top finish with much less traffic. A very beautiful landscape, winding road and good vantage points to make the bike ride at Stoderzinken Gröbming in Upper Styria, a special experience.  


 Tauplitzalm    10 km / 849 m     

Challenging bike ride on the Alpine Road Tauplitzalm beginning in Bad Mitterndorf to Tauplitzalm. Cyclists do not pay the toll and do not have much traffic. Beautiful walks, and cross country skiing in winter can be done with the whole family, on the plateau of the Tauplitzalm in Styria - Austria.


 Türlwandhütte Dachstein       15-25 Km / 972 m
Difficult cycling tour of Schladming and Ramsau am Dachstein to the base station of the Dachstein cable car. 2 wheel tours are possible with the road bike and some tours with the mtb.

 Wald am Schoberpass      38 Km / 366 m

Easy cycling tour with no major climbs in the Upper Styrian Paltental. A maximum of 4 percent slope. Ideal bike for bicycle training, since one can always remain secure in the medium pulse range.


 Wildoner cycling marathon     166 km / 1385 m        

The largest cycling marathon in Austria. About 6000 participants over 7 tours. Very good organization. The track was perfectly covered with signs, stewards and police. The entry fee is not overpriced and next to the jersey you got a few souvenirs. A bike marathon for the whole family because the family route is 33 km long and has no hills.


  Wine road tour south styria

The South Styrian Wine Road is the oldest and most known of the eight wine routes in Styria. At these wine routes are the most wineries of the three wine regions of Southern Styria, West Styria and South East Styria. Wine connoisseurs and tourists can get to know all the important wine-growing villages, with its diversity of landscape very well. Along the wine roads are many wine taverns, where you can eat regional specialties and drink some very good wines. In addition to the wine raod tour with 72 kilometers, you can divide the styrian wine road tour in the northern variant with 50 kilometers and in the southern variant with 31 km.


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