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The saddle "Buchauersattel" is on the B117, the Buchauer road, between Admont and St.Gallen, District Liezen, province of Styria. The low alpine pass in Austria leads north past the mountains of the National Park Gesäuse and is the shorter route to Altenmarkt bei St. Gallen and continue along the Enns in Upper Austria, as the road through the Gesäuse to Hieflau.
From Admont you can reach the Buchau on the bike tour after about 7 kilometers, the first four kilometers, according Weng in Gesäuse are rather flat.

Up to Weng in Gesäuse you have a beautiful view of Admont, the mountains "Haller Mauern", Gesäuse and entrance in the Styrian National Park Gesäuse. On the approximately 3 kilometers long climb, you have to climb 213 meters before you achieved at 861m. On days with more traffic you could drive up the Kletzenberg (red line in the Google Map) onto the Buchau too. Through the village of Weng in Gesäuse this road leads right up to the summit of the "Buchauersattel".

The best road for cyclists goes from "Buchenauersattel" above the red line to Weng Gesaeuse in and along the Green Line to the Gesäuse entrance. The Buchau is for many hikers also the starting point for the hike to the Grabneralm and then on to the Admonterhaus.

Who wants to drive the bike tour Buchau in the opposite direction of St.Gallen has made with 350 Hm, 137 meters more to tackle. To spread the altitude at 13 kilometers. The Buchauersattel bike tour can be well combined with other cycling tours in Gesäuse / Admont.

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