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The Styrian Enns bike tour of Liezen to Irdning, the Mitterberg, Gröbming and back to Liezen is 68 km long. On the side streets in Ennstal the traffic is completely acceptable, since most cars and trucks driving on the B320 Ennstal main road. After starting the Ennstal bike tour in the beautiful capital city district Liezen you bike to Döllach. At the height of the sawmill in Döllach you then turn right towards Irdning. After about 11 km the Ennstal bike tour leads to the main through-road tour of Aigen im Ennstal past the Putterersee.

The small lake is in summer a popular swimming lake. With the support of some hot springs in the lake the Putterersee often reached in the summer, a water temperature of about 26-28 degrees, making it one of the warmest lakes in Styria. Directly at the lake and the restaurant Cafe Pub Loch Ness there are a beach volleyball court, trampoline, sandbox, swings and slides. In winter the lake is one of the largest ice rink in the hole Enns valley. In addition to ice-skating in winter due to the floodlights at the Cafe Pub Loch Ness even play curling and ice hockey until 21 clock.

From Irdning to Öblarn you go on to very impressive mountain "Grimming" - 2351m. The Grimming was due to its powerful appearance long as the highest mountain in Styria. The insulated from Dachstein massif dominates the Ennstal with about 1700m. The best pictures and photos from successful Grimming mostly between Aigen im Ennstal and Irdning. In Öblarn you then turn right and after the bridge over the Enns is then equal to the left, the castle Gstatt. The 10% slope of the hill "Mitterberg" is about 2.5 kilometers long. Shortly before departure, in the beautiful market town Gröbming is still a low pitch. If you want to take a break for the resort Gröbming offers many opportunities. Then you went on the bike tour Enns valley to Moosheim down and back again after Öblarn. Shortly before Döllach you can take even the small slope up to "Fischern".

These Enns Valley Cycling tour in the middle of Austria is also used by many other cyclists in the region Ennstal Ausseerland often chosen as a training track. For example, you can skip the slope of the Öblarn Mitterberg to Gröbming and continue cycling for a few kilometers of Stein an der Enns to Pruggern. Moreover, it is always possible to shorten the bike ride Ennstal so that it reflects your personal training or performance. From km 3 to 66 is this bike tour almost identical to the route of the Dachstein Tauern Selzthal cycling marathon.

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