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A very good starting point for this bike tour around Irdning is the large parking lot of the Football field - ATV Arena in Irdning. The soccer field is located in front of the local area in Irdning on the left hand side coming from Trautenfels. The bike tour Irdning is for mountain bikes, trekking bikes and racing bike suitable. Only the slope in Donnersbach to Raumberg is not suitable for road bikes, because the road is not paved, for more than one kilometer. The bike tour consists almost exclusively of bike paths and local roads is expected to only those with very little traffic. Moreover, it is possible to shorten the cycling tour in some places, so that the respective increases disappear and you can make the bike tour easier. The height profile corresponds to the light and dark blue lines on the Google Map. The abbreviations are shown in green (only for trekking and mountain biking) and red (suitable for all wheel types located). Scenic tour with the magnificent mountain panorama of the Grimming. The Grimming consists of Dachstein limestone and overlooks the Ennstal around 1700m, making it one of the largest freestanding mountain.

At the beginning of the bike tour you drive half a mile on the bike path along the road in the direction from Irdning to Trautenfels. On the Ennstalradweg R7 then, ride along the Enns to Sallaberg and Ketten. (Mountain bikers can shorten the Irdning Grimming bicycle tour along the two green lines in the Google Map and missed the circumambulation of the Kulm Aigen im Ennstal, and the increase in Gatschen. With the road bike this is a small gradient at Sallaberg at Kulm, and then on the cycle path from Schlattham possible) to Irdning. Prior to the airfield and army barracks in Ketten it continues over a 600m long gravel road.

The gravel road is in good condition, but if you do not want so expect your bike you drive further along the red line and then come in the village of Ketten or Aigen im Ennstal to the Irdning Grimming bike tour again. Over the high about 20 meters slope on the eastern foothills of the Kulm / Hohenberg and a further small rise in  Sallaberg in the near of the lake Putterersee you'll reach at Kilometer 8 the village Aigen im Ennstal. Who is looking for something cool find this at the nearby Putterersee.
The Putterersee is in summer a very popular bathing lake. With the support of some hot springs in the lake the Putterersee reached a water temperature of about 26-28 degrees Celsius. Directly on the lake is also the restaurant Cafe Pub Loch Ness, a beach volleyball court, trampoline, sandbox, swings and slides. In winter, the lake is one of the largest ice rink in the Enns valley. Besides skating, you can play in the winter due to the floodlights at the Cafe Pub Loch Ness even up to 21 clock very good curling and ice hockey.

Up to Irdning the bike tour offers from Aigen im Ennstal 3 options. 1: Along the Blue Line on Lantschern and Gatschen the Castle Hotel Pichlarn over to Irdning. According Gatschen slope elevation profile. 2: First along the blue line after Lantschern and then over the red line stands to Irdning. And 3: On the main street (red line) of Aigen im Ennstal to Irdning. In the town of Irdning the cycle route, just after church and before the tobacco shop to the left in the Klostergasse and then in the Falkenburg Klostergasse. (At the end of the Klostergasse-Falkenburg in Irdning have to decide whether to continue the bike ride along the blue line on the Erlsberg, Donnersbach and Raumberg, or if you drive along the red line stands for Altirdning). The slope of Irdning on Erlsberg into Donnersbachtal is although not especially long, but in the second half of the increase there is a one kilometer long, hard climb with about 10-13%. The descent to Donnersbach is just as steep and winding, so no high-speed descent.

This short piece on the road towards Irdning back to the bridge where the slope to Raumberg starts, can be driven on the bike path beside the road. Racing drivers have followed up along the road (red line), almost going to Irdning and turn left towards Altirdning, as the path of Donnersbach for Raumberg at about one kilometers is not paved and therefore is not suitable for road bikes. On the two "shallow" kilometers to Raumberg has many excellent vantage points to Donnersbachtal Enns Valley and the Grimming.

Immediately after the short descent down to Altirdning starts the last pitch on the Irdning Grimming bike tour on the hill "Bleiberg", up to about 100 vertical meters and 10% slope. Right at the start of the descent to Niederstuttern down, you have the Grimming so close and majestically in front of you that I had needed better a camera or a digital camera with wide angle lens for even the whole mountain Grimming get on a picture. Immediately after crossing the provincial road you drive in this section very well surfaced Enns valley bike path. After the small village Niederstuttern you drive in easterly direction until Trautenfels. At the intersection below the castle Trautenfels you turn right and reach for something over 32 kilometers to the Ennstal bike path following again the starting point of this bike tour in Irdning Grimming by the football station in Irdning.

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