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 The easy Bicycle Tour and around the hill - Mitterberg in Liezen is one of my favourite training routes in Styria. The height profile shows the round of Liezen (637Hm) to Selzthal - Lassing - Mitterberg hut (867Hm) and back to Liezen.

The first eight km to Selzthal have no specific slopes. Then it goes up about 100 altimeter to Lassing. Just before the pool in Lassing, turn right and it follows a slight increase to Mitterberg hut. The here presented version of Liezen after Selzthal and then to Lassing and Mitterberg is because of the lower slope of Lassing to the Mitterberg easier than you starts the bike tour in the opposite direction from Liezen to Enns bridge and then to the hut - Mitterberghütte. That is the more difficult variant. The length of this beautiful bike tour in Liezen is 19.2 km and the slopes have max. 12-15%. The best viewpoint is next to the Mitterberg hut in the direction to Grimming and the mountains of the north Styrian alps in the Enns valley. Since the Mitterberg is centrally located between Enns valley, Pyhrn pass and Palten valley the tour is often a part of other bike tours. Particularly interesting is the MTB Tour of the Mitterberg along the well-marked alpine tour.

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