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A bicycle tour on the Pyhrnpass in Austria to Spital am Pyhrn in Upper Austria is not particularly difficult, since no specific pitch can be overcome (within 7-9% - Difficulty 2 and 343 altimeter). By Spital am Pyhrn on the Pyhrnpass it is a little different. (Pitch max. 10-15% - Difficulty 3 and 365 vertical meters). Especially if you ride a big bike lap (eg Hengstpass bike tour) and the Pyhrnpass is at the end. If you're already at the end of your powers, does this short but tough climb even hurt.

On one of my firstmajor cycling tours I had to drive the last meters to the Phyrnpaß even on foot, because I had such cramps. On weekends, it is much more comfortable ride for cyclists on the Phyrnpaß, since during the week due to the relatively high traffic, the fun factor is not as high. For mountain bikers there is the possibility of going to the Pyhrnpaß Hintersteineralm too. The turnoff to Hintersteineralm is on the side of the Styrian Pyhrnpaß about a kilometer before the pass. And up to the beautiful pasture there it's only a few kilometers.

The city Liezen is the capital of the district Liezen. With its approximately 7000 inhabitants is Liezen the economic hub of the region and a very popular shopping town. Recently, there a new movie and a new nightclub for the entertainment and leisure very interesting new offerings.
Liezen is also an important transport hub. The B320 is the main artery of Styria to Salzburg, and after Upper Austria you can go up to Pyhrnpass.
Leisure activities in Liezen: pool, tennis court, climbing gym, 3 gyms, 2 football pitches, bowling, mountain biking, cycling (Liezen situated directly on the Enns bike path and not far from the MTB Alps Tour Styria), cinema, curling, ice skating, sledding, cross country skiing.

Spital Pyhrn located in the Upper Austrian Traunviertel, District Kirchdorf an der Krems. In Fahrenberg, Gleinkerau, Spital Pyhrn, Oberweng and Seebach live in the stunning Pyhrn-Priel commune belonging to about 2.200 residents.
Places of interest in Spital am Pyhrn the Collegiate Church and the Austrian Rock Art Museum.
Spital Pyhrn recreational activities: hiking, mountain biking, cycling, cross country skiing, downhill skiing on the Wurzeralm and Hinderstoder, sledding, sleigh rides, snowshoe hikes, panoramic swimming pool.

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