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The Sölkpass is by far the most beautiful Alpine pass for challenging alpine bike tours in the district Liezen - Enns valley, Styria. This bike tour in the nature reserve park Sölktäler is a natural beauty. Immediately after Stein an der Enns is the first of the three short climbs (each with about 100 altimeters) before you reach Großsölk.

After Großsölk the Sölkpaß road is rising up slightly to the villages of Fleiß and Mößna (community St. Nikolai in Sölktal). Between the villages Großsölk and Fleiß is the reservoir for the storage power Sölk. A kilometer before St.Nikolai the terrain increases up in a few steps to the alpine area on the Sölkpaß. After the pasture Hansenalm still follows another 4 beautiful cultivated pastures, which are just a few meters from the Sölkpaß road and easily accessible for everyone. (Note: cyclists and motorcyclists the Sölkpass not need to know so well the very careful for a few cattle grids are very unfavourable in light curves). One should divide the forces of good to the last 3 km from the Erzherzog Johann hut, at the first turn, have to pass on a continuous gradient of 12%. Most beautiful is the landscape on Sölkpass in June when the alps roses blooms. In May, you have to be a cyclist in a cycling tour Sölkpass still attract very warm, because after a snowy winters, it may be easy to see that there are still beside the road several meters high walls of snow.

A very nice view point is located at the bend "Ostkehre" just before the Sölkpass. From there you have returned the best views of the Kaltenbach pasture, Kaltenbach lakes, and the Sölktal road which one is using by road bike or mountain bike. The Sölk Pass is indeed very beautiful, but also on sunny days it is in the chapel at Sölkpass usually very windy. Even in summer, it hurts so not sure if one takes at least a windproof jacket. The descent from Sölkpass after Schöder down into the Mur valley is similar to the driveway of Großsölk valley. First you go over 6 bends down to the marvellously scenic villages hut. Then it's no great climbs further up Schöderberg and the last kilometers to Schöder down then falling away.

Since the Sölkpass is locked over the winter, you should check before a Sölkpaß tour this link from May to mid-June if the L704 Sölkpass road is already released.

The community of St. Nikolai in Sölktal lies at an altitude of 900m to 1126m in the nature reserve park Sölktäler. In the three villages of St. Nikolai, Fleiß and Mößna living about 520 residents. A holiday in the by mass tourism "spared" Sölktal offers relaxing holiday in one of the most beautiful and unspoilt valleys in the Alps region in the Low Tauern. The mountains in St. Nikolai in Sölktal offers crystal-clear streams, deep blue to green mountain lakes, a rich variety of wildlife and vegetation. There are great forests, lush alpine meadows with a variety of alpine flowers, dry and rocky mountain peaks, some wetlands in the valley and pastures with beautiful rustic mountain huts. The mountain "Großer Knallstein" with 2.599m is the highest mountain in the Großsölk valley.

Activities in St. Nikolai Sölktal: swimming pool, many hiking trails, 2 small lifts, cross country skiing (no skating) snowshoe hikes and wonderful ski tours.


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