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From St.Gallen are on the Erb bike tour to pass "Erb" approximately 4 kilometers. The last 2 kilometers have a moderate slope. The 161 meters of the Erb bike tour should not pose a problem for road bikers. The Landscape in the area around the National Park Gesäuse is very beautiful. Along the road there is also admire some works of art. From the succession after the departure Großreifling is not steep. Here, you can relax, because in Großreifling follow a short, steep climb to Landl, when you drive a long bike tour through the Gesaeuse towards Hieflau.

The "Erb" is a small alpine pass in Styria - Austria - and also a starting point for some wonderful hiking tours in Gesaeuse / Styria e.g. hike on the mountain "Kleiner Buchstein" and the Ennstaler hut.

St. Gallen: The 1.600 inhabitants belonging market town of St. Gallen is located in the district Liezen / Upper Styria, on the border to the neighbouring province of Upper Austria. Because of its wonderful nature is St. Gallen a member of Nature park "Steirische Eisenwurzen" and the National Park Gesaeuse. In the 12th Century the Monastery Admont let the area near St. Gallen deforest due to the existing water and forest wealth and to the 19 Century was then processed the iron ore from the Erzberg. From this time are the beautiful houses in the center of St. Gallen. St. Gallen lies on the iron road, but this is now only for tourism purposes.

In the 13th Century, the castle Gallenstein was built to protect the population and as the seat of the Administrative. The castle was restored again by the Castle association Gallenstein. The castle Gallenstein is now a very popular destination and a venue of some cultural events.
The annual festival of St. Gallen, which takes place in late August, has been something like a real festival character.
A special innovation is the water park Eisenwurzen in St. Gallen. Designed especially for children very interesting theme park offers many facilities around the theme of water. The children and their parents can deal all day active on the issue of water and learn a lot and gain some experience. The offer is so varied that you can spend the whole day in the water park Eisenwurzen. There are many devices available to the water to dam, divert to drain away, and transported back to the height. With a canoe you can drive on to 3 associated with locks and dams from. In a small pond is a water that is connected via a suspension bridge to the shore. Furthermore, the children love to go on the raft, climb, slide and play on the sand castle. In a small forge and saw mill operated by water, regularly hosts small shows.

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