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The height profile of Hohentauern bike tour on the Triebener Tauern Alpine pass of Trieben to Hohentauern District Liezen - Styria is no longer reality, because the road runs since the fall of 2008, on the other side of the valley and through the 2 curves is the extreme slope of 20 percent on the first 3 kilometers away. After these first 3 kilometers on the bike tour Hohentauern, there is something cozy to 6 kilometers further, before continuing with the hard final climb to its summit of Triebener Tauern Pass, which lies in the center of Hohentauern. After a short ascent at 12 km follows a rather long gentle descent through the towns of St. Johann am Tauern and Möderbrugg after Oberzeiring - District Judenburg.

The Triebener Tauern alpine road is also a section of the East Sölkpass cycling tour in the Lower Tauern. Being driven on the cycle tour of Sölkpass Triebener Tauern pass from Murtal after Hohentauern is the much easier option. Since the Triebener Tauern is used by many motorists as a link road from Judenburg - Murtal to Trieben / Paltental, the traffic is often quite high and the more powerful cars can be a bit disturbing.

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