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As a protection against falls and for the prevention of sun-stroke during long trips.


People with glasses should be sure to use sunglasses with corrective lenses. Because even small stones can cause especially in a curve or bend in a fall, if you do not see them timely. Even as a protection against wind, sun and insects.

Cycling jersey

A cycling jersey from functional material absorbs sweat and gives it to the outside. The cycling jersey should fit more closely to the body, because then flutters while driving nothing. A feature breathable shirt underneath is also recommended.

Cycling shorts

Be careful in cycling shorts much to the seat insert and that there are no seams rubbing the sore one could. If it happens please try it once with a tallow creme.
For the back-sleeve jersey with a carrier and transtex lining in the back area is better than a strapless shorts.


As a protection against falls and blows to be better absorbed.

Special cycling socks are also better because then your feet stay dry.

Cycling shoes / Click pedal

With the combination wheel pants / click pedal goes to power saving and therefore faster or further. And because of the optimum power transfer to the toe pads. But you should practice extensively before the first ride to handle the click pedal.

Biker Backpack
Be sure to strap on broad and adequate ventilation duct eighth in the back area. For long trips you can ensure the necessary food, clothing, cards, etc. easy to stow.
The backpack should not weigh more than 5 pounds.
You should place heavy objects always down and all you need often (e.g., maps, camera, cell phone) in the side pockets.
Camera and cell phone you should take to protect against moisture each in a separate plastic bags.

Rain Jacket

If it has in the valley not 20 degrees and you want make a mtb tour, or the pass of 1500 Hm is the transportation of a rain or wind jacket is highly recommended. Because the temperature increases per 100 Hm from about 1 degree. Moreover, it is specifically on passes usually more wind. 

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