correct pedaling


With the right technology, the joints are not under pressure. Therefore, cycling is into old age the right sport. Even for those who suffer under joint problems or obesity. To achieve the most complete step is the use of clips or pedals where the shoe is attached to the pedal inevitable. Do not step down just because it then uses only a quarter of the pedal rotation. It also needs to take the pedal back up and focus on, fine-tuned by pressure and train the force on the entire 360 degrees of pedal rotation to distribute uniformly. (If you step down only needs the active leg, the weight of the inactive leg lift, too).

 The correct pedalling best with smaller gears and high cadence exercise. The best way is if you go with only one leg, since then it has a leg press as well as pull it. The knees may not show inward or outward, because through you lose power, and the joints and ligaments are unnecessarily strong.

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