drink during bike tours

  • A feeling of thirst may never arise. You drink best before the start something and then again and again. Every quarter you should take a swig from the bottle.
  • Besides, I also like to isotonic drinks with apple and orange juice. I mix them with tap water and give it a little bit of salt.
  • For long marathon magnesium tablets have also proved. After several hours in the saddle a Coke or an energy drink mixed with water does very well.
  • ! No alcoholic beverages during the tour! For this, I treat myself at home and out again like a beer.
  • For short trips ranging last no longer than one hour a bottle. Otherwise, always take two bottles.
  • For trips longer than three hours I give isotonic powder in small plastic bags. Before the first two bottles are used up I'll fill the bottles with powder and water again.
  • If you doubt whether you get a water on the tour, one must take the drinks in plastic bottles. Although this is difficult in the beginning, but does not drink do not. It is always a pain when you have to do the last kilometers without drinking.
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