how do travel in groups


If you organize a bike trip for a group, it is paramount to focus always on the most vulnerable.
And not just during a tour bike, but already in the planning! The better driver can e.g. support the weak  that they carry more baggage than the others. The better cyclists have to take back more and more. You should make it not too hard for weaker by the stupid comments if they not matching the pace. If one should have a collapse during the trip end this the tour for all. Especially if you travel a tour with children a corresponding planning is essential.

The needs and expectations of the children ask for and take into account in planning. Show willingness to compromise! No long, hard climbs. As much as possible to avoid roads with heavy traffic. Some breaks schedule. Extra-long breaks are always good, even if it lasts only next to a dangerous stream to gather stones to throw into the water. Always take plenty to drink, even if the trip only a few kilometers long. Children have always thirsty. And quickly with a couple of granola bars come in a picnic mood. On roads take the children always in the middle. This means that an adult goes ahead and at the end. And always drive never side by side.

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