sitting position


The correct sitting position discomfort in the joints, ligaments, wrists, circulatory disorders, back pain and nerve irritation. The best way is to buy the bike from a dealer who is well trained to determine the correct frame size, saddle height and seating position. The upper body should be inclined at an angle of 45 degrees forward. The handlebar height should not exceed that of the saddle and should be easy under the saddle.

If the leg in a sitting position is not entirely stretched by and the leg even if the pedal is at the bottom has a slight angle, you have set the ideal saddle height. It should include the length of the upper body and the length of the arms to be considered. Indeed, if the rod between the saddle and handlebars is too long increases the pressure on sensitive parts of the region and through the seat to the front doors of the pelvis can lead to muscular imbalances. The consequences: back, hip and knee pain. Another cause of back pain can be a false saddle. My first semi e.g. was too soft. The correct seating position is so much more important and significant for the fun than the question of whether or Ultegra and Dura Ace carbon or aluminium frame.

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