the successful bike mtb marathon


Tips for a successful cycling marathon:

It all begins again with the right preparation. First you should check the Internet through the cycling marathon.
Interestingly, the following points:

1) Which tours with how much altimeter are available.

2) Refreshment stations.

3) How many starters had the bike marathon.

4) Timing, naming, and other race info.

5) The weather on the day of the event.

6) Some bike marathons you can register at the registration for a team. The biggest, fastest or slowest teams often get interesting prices.

What purpose do I have? Do I want to create the cycling marathon in a certain time, or is it primarily related professionals being there.

A cycling marathon with 200 km makes little sense if one in training usually goes no further than 50 km. A maximum of twice the average session is useful. Everything else is sure to experience self-imposed limit.

The number of starters is very important because the more participants a cycling marathon, the more often and more easily find the right group. The right group is the one where you even can at least now and then a few minutes drive forward. And with a maximum of 160 pulse. If one would want to keep up with 150-160 in the lee of the pulse is not good, because you then have to work very hard and always scrounge in the wind shadow is not collegial. Ride a bike marathon in the drafting field is always ready to brake and concentrated. Who does not want your respect at least a few meters distance to the vehicle ahead.

A week before the cycling marathon you should train only slightly so that you can rested safely go to the start. The more or harder you train, the more your body breaks down and then takes in the regeneration phase to compensate for these longer training load. (Overcompensation of the body is then the training effect). If we are not so different to the individual long regeneration periods, the body builds lower performance rather than on.
Even if one otherwise as amateur athletes does not adhere to a strict diet plan, it is not wrong to respect the bike marathons a week on the diet a bit and make it as good on the following point.

1) No alcohol!

2) Up to 2 days before the marathon protein-rich diet.

3) On the day before you should train a short time (30-60min at max. 130 pulse) to empty the carbohydrate storage and so the body can absorb the carbohydrate-rich food better in the night before the bike marathon begin.

4) The last meal before the race is 3 hours earlier and then drink not too much. On the one hand to the body during athletic stress does not also concerned with the digestion and the other you are not with a full bladder at the start.

5) During the bike marathons drink at least every 10-20min something and take a couple of granola bars. The cereal bars are particularly important to get any Hit the wall when the refreshment area is still far away, or the group does not rest at the refreshment area. The day before the cycling marathon go to bed early so you can sleep at least 8 hours. If someone is very nervous an can not sleep, he is allowed to drink a small beer.

Just arrive 1-2 hours before the start of the cycling marathon. Then you have to assemble enough time to race number and timing chip. warm up before starting a little does not harm either, and so have enough time left to the very special, charged atmosphere before the cycling marathon to enjoy for long. When warming up, you can also check whether everything is working very well, you have not forgotten anything and that the sportswear line with the temperatures.

After the cycling marathon are almost always offered shower facilities. So do not forget to toiletries.

The tires do not inflate too hard. For through the brakes on long descents and by rising temperatures during the day heats the air in the tires and the pressure increases. This can lead to tire failure. I had seen at the "Glocknerkönig" ca. 20 cyclists with a plate on the descent. Therefore, you should leave on the summit out the tires a little air.

A MTB Bike Marathon, one should not take a tire pressure of about 3 bar, because the risk of a tire defect is reduced as much and the ride is much better due to the better damping. In addition, the tire by the larger contact area a better grip, which of course reduces the risk of accidents.
The cycling marathon you do not win at first kilometers. So do not let other, possibly stronger cyclists, or semi-professional cyclists infect you and take any high top speed. The best way to respect during the entire bike marathons to the heart rate monitor and its own legs. No hunger or thirst can arise. So, before eating and drinking regularly. Best you eat something before a long descent.
Ends a bike race or a mountain bike marathon on a summit, then drive even after the departure a several kilometers in light pulse (110-120) it is good for muscles. For with strong pressures created in the muscle burning of sugar more lactic acid than it can be removed at the same time again.

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